Research and Development at ELEKS is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve. We are incredibly passionate about creating new knowledge that will bring value to our products and services. Even with the most challenging and innovative projects, you can rely on our talented and experienced R&D team that brings a creative spark of genius to every solution.


A Software Engineer with extensive experience and a background in Computer Science, Victor is responsible for driving technology innovations at ELEKS. By researching cutting-edge technologies, his team brings all their power to ELEKS' customers. With a focus on Software Architecture and Algorithms, Victor is passionate about solving problems that seem to be impossible at first glimpse.

With a background in Applied Mathematics and more than 12 years of experience in Software Engineering, Oleh is leading the company's efforts in the realm of High Performance Computing. During the last couple of years, Oleh and his team has successfully completed several complex bespoke HPC solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPGPU cards. Passionate about engineering, his greatest affection is for his team.

With more than 18 years of extensive software development and 12 years of software systems architecture experience, Pavlo has gained solid practical knowledge in object-oriented programming, client-server multi-tier application development, and all aspects of modern software industry. Also, 2.5 years of parallel programming using the NVIDIA CUDA technology helped extend his technical background with the latest technological innovations.

Having been familiar with programming since the age of 6, Yuriy possesses extensive knowledge in a wide range of areas, from microcode to high-level managed environments. With a Master’s degree with distinction in Computer Science, he is responsible for technology research as well as consulting upcoming and existing projects. Yuriy's professional interests include Algorithm Design, Software Architecture, Cloud and Big Data.

With more than 7 years of experience in UI Design, Denys has been leading UI/UX stream at ELEKS. Current professional interests of Denys include web, mobile and desktop solutions for world markets.

A highly skilled Project Manager and Architect with over 15 years of programming experience, a solid background in object-oriented programming, and extensive knowledge of developing UI and client-server applications. Since 2006, Vyacheslav has held the position of Development Stream Leader on ELEKS Web Solutions projects.

Nazariy is passionate about innovations. Starting his career in Localization industry in 2009, he delved into discovering new localization technologies and trends, and ways how to implement the strategic innovations within the company. As a member of R&D team, Nazariy is in charge of developing standalone applications and services for optimizing the localization workflow, and expanding new service offerings.

Since early childhood (age of 4), Andriy showed a lot of curiosity in complex things when breaking them. Pursuing his career of a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2007, he set sail on the path of being versatile in different sorts of testing approaches. With the Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, Andriy set up his goal to research the new ways of applying testing methodologies.


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