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Solution Architect

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ELEKS announces a vacancy opening for a Solution Architect at Lviv office.


Solution Architect is highly experienced and skillful in the software architecture, technical leadership, and development esp. within the primary technical profile. He also has basic managerial knowledge and experience. He drives or participates in the engagements and consulting services such as discoveries and assessments for the accounts and projects of any size, works part-time on the architectural project support, actively participates in the company marketing events, architectural methodology and competence development, can oversee and mentor other architects, associates, and technical leaders. Mostly pre-sale activities.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Elicit business and technical requirements from the business clients
  • Define a solution architecture guided by the architectural drivers such as business and functional requirements, constraints, quality attributes
  • Provide ball-park development effort estimates based on the standard estimation methodologies
  • Reengineer, document, review and analyze solution architectures using trade-off analysis methodology and other qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis
  • Support the Engagement team in pre-sales providing the technical expertise, architecture vision, and estimates
  • Define implementation road maps and technical backlogs
  • Drive the project bootstrap cooperating with the development team and passing the knowledge and architectural vision to them
  • Support long-term projects from the architectural perspective making and reviewing design decisions, documenting the architecture, communicating with the client’s technical peers, participating in creation of the PoC and prototypes and collaborating with the development teams
  • Choose among the technologies, reference architectures, and patterns and evaluate the candidate solutions based on the objective drivers, constraints, and criteria
  • Train, mentor and couch other architects and technical leaders
  • Participate in technical marketing of the company, represent the company’s architectural excellence including article publishing, participation in events, presenting to the customers
  • Participate in the methodology and competence development within SAO
  • Travel onsite to perform the client consulting services

Mandatory Requirements:

  • 6+ years of experience in software development
  • 1+ years of experience in technical leadership
  • 1+ years of experience in software architecture
  • Understanding of standard engagement, consulting, and project support processes and activities
  • Architectural patterns, styles, principles, tactics, technologies, and reference architectures applicable to the architect’s technical profile (such as SOA, IoC, Microservices, MVC and its family of MV-*, Design Patterns, Integration Patterns, Cloud Patterns, N-Tier architectures, Multi-layered architectures, Separation of Concerns, Design by Contract, CAP Theorem, Database types and patterns, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of the object oriented paradigm, understanding of functional paradigm
  • Knowledge of UML notation, technical documentation styles, approaches and structure of architectural documentation
  • Knowledge of standard size and effort estimation methods and practices
  • Ability to envision the solution big picture, to decompose to the required levels of detail, and to generate a consistent and optimal architecture of the solution guided by the set of architectural drivers, principles, and capabilities
  • Ability to control accordance of the implementation to the stated architecture
  • Ability to critically and objectively review own and other’s design decisions and assumptions
  • Ability to estimate project sizes and efforts accurately enough and with sufficient precision
  • Ability to clearly document and pass the design decisions and other architecturally significant information
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English

Optional Requirements:

  • Methods and techniques to refactor and optimize code, improve its readability
  • Methods to design and develop software interfaces for internal modules interaction, interfaces for interaction
  • Languages, tools, and environments for programming; tools for batch execution of the procedures
  • Methods to test software performance; methods and tools to detect defects, problems and their causes
  • Methods of software verification, validation, revision, and auditing
  • Structure and methods to use the collective software engineering environment, version control system; methods to organize version control system, repository, tasks and defects tracking system, continuous integration system, knowledge base etc.
  • Methods and techniques to verify performance of software product releases, develop andanalyze software functional requirements, develop software technical specifications
  • Fundamentals and techniques of personnel management; methods of management decision managment decision making

Personal Characteristics:

  • Sense of responsibility
  • Self-improvement potential
  • Problem solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Analytical mind
  • Dedication and attitude towards success

We offer:

  • Competitive compensation and social package
  • Opportunity to participate in various internal/external events (educational programs, seminars, training sessions)
  • Comfortable office with modern infrastructure
  • Free secure car parking place
  • Flexible working schedule
  • 24 calendar days of paid vacation, paid sick leave

If you meet these requirements, please email your resume to

with "Solution Architect" in a subject line.

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