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A Comprehensive Remote Access Solution

The developed product gives organizations the ability to grant secure remote access to privileged users while increasing their operational efficiency. It grants controlled access without leaving a footprint on the network, connects individuals to their authorized areas, and centralizes session recording and reporting. Thus, global organizations rely on this product to protect their most critical IT infrastructure and data assets.


The leading provider of privileged identity and access management solutions for hybrid-cloud enterprises


Network Security Software


To grant secure remote access to privileged users to any computer within the corporate network.


A centralized IT operations management portal provides secure remote access control and all of the tools necessary to provide efficient remote administration. The solution connects authorized users through a secure channel to a wide variety of remote systems, consoles, devices, and control points.

Business Benefits
  • Comprehensive protection for enterprise customers
  • Flexibility to support multiple use cases and configurations
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Increases productivity for busy systems, networks, databases and application administrators
  • High performance, availability and reliability.
Technologies and tools

Java, Smart Card, JIDE

Solution Overview

ELEKS develops and supports a solution that allows users to remotely access and work on any computer within the corporate network. User actions are recorded so that an administrator can review an audit trail of the user’s entire work session by replaying the recorded sessions on a DVR-style player created by ELEKS. This equipment allows administrators to watch the recorded session like a video, with the ability to pay particular attention to place-marks that are automatically added by the server. Forbidden and suspicious user actions are detected by the system and are available for an administrator’s review.

Key Deliverables

ELEKS works mainly at implementing different remote access protocols (RDP, VNC, CLI, Web) through the product as well as monitoring its access (tracking violations and session playback):

  • One of them is a privileged identity and access management platform that provides essential technical security controls on a single, hardened appliance. The platform controls access and monitors the activities of privileged users and vaults privileged credentials.
  • The other is an extension of the previously mentioned platform enabling organizations to implement technical security controls for cloud-only or hybrid-cloud architectures. This extention also provides extra protection for the AWS management console account.
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Tool's Advantages
  • Capturing comprehensive user activity, enabling ad hoc audits, speedy troubleshooting and forensic examinations
  • Full-screen session capture and recording; session information
  • Embedded session meta-data and event tagging enables a DVR-style playback capability with a “fast-forward” to policy violations at specific points in time.
Scope of Services
  • Implementation of remote-access clients and applications allowing remote-access sessions viewing
  • Development of recorded remote-access sessions analyzer
  • Different logon types (including smart card logon) implementation
  • Implementation of different remote-protocols and algorithms used by these protocols (compression and encryption)
  • Analysis of similar solutions available on market
  • Suggesting possible enhancements for the solution
  • Quality assurance.