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An Effective and Secure Solution for Access Control

Provides Safety Measures for Restricted-Access Objects

The purpose of the project was to improve the security system which consists of Java Cards and PC Applications. The system automatically operates with cards by means of reading and verifying, card printing, etc. Additionally, the PC Application reads data from a smart card with user-friendly GUI and grants or denies access based on smart card and biometric data readings.


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The challenge was to create a card-based security system that manages biometric data in order to access restricted area.

Business Benefits
  • Improved access control 
  • Increased data protection
  • Secure and easy access identification
  • Flexible architecture
Technologies and tools

Java 6 SE, Java Cards, .Net Framework

Solution Overview

ELEKS developed a highly effective and reliable security system, based on Java card Applet and set of PC applications, responsible for system configuration and operations. Personal identification of a card holder is accomplished using received personal data and fingerprints verification. The solution delivered ensures card data protection by means of data encryption and multi-level protection. All card service data is stored in a way which provides protection against attacks based on program flow prediction. Security of the system is also determined by limited access to the application, installation limitations, and other security constraints.

Scope of Services
  • Requirements collection
  • Business Analysis
  • Architecture development
  • Application development
  • Product support
  • Full product documentation
  • QA and testing
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Tool's Advantages
  • Security
    Each data category on card is encrypted with different algorithms and protected multi-level security system.
  • Usability
    The application supports the most suitable Database Management Systems, such as SQLite and MSSQL.
  • Flexibility
    The application is easily re-configurable and the applet allows to write any additional data categories in future (iris recognition, any other biometric and personal data).
  • Error Minimization 
    The application reduces card holders’ identification time.
  • Time Effectiveness
    The application cuts patient identification time in half.
  • Portability
    The application is usable in different environments, including handled PC
  • Operability
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Multi-Application Capable
  • Interoperability
    The Applet will run on any Java Card technology-enabled smart card, independently of the card vendor and underlying hardware.