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Looking at healthcare delivery with an eye to the future, accurate patient and staff identification in hospitals is becoming more and more crucial. Traditional identification methods often turn out to be error-prone, which is too high a price to pay when it comes to our health. With that in mind, ELEKS created a powerful, cost-effective solution for identifying patients and staff in U.S. medical centers. After project success, the product functionalities were expanded to reach new global markets targeted at employee time and attendance tracking, payroll and insurance verification.


Global biometric systems provider


Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Accounting, HR Management


The challenge was to develop a solution to identify individuals by iris scans in hospitals and other organizations.

Business Benefits

  • A one-stop solution for delivering better identification of individuals
  • Full technical support
  • Cost-efficiency of the product
  • Sophisticated approach to a problem’s solution, which resulted in an exceptional product quality.

Technologies and tools

C++, QT, VideoCapX, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2013


Solution Overview

ELEKS has developed a versatile cluster-based ID solution making it ideal for a wide range of fields. Based on iris recognition technology, the solution serves as an easy-to-use and reliable means of authentication and identification of individuals.

Using the classic Daugman theory, the ELEKS team has developed and supported a powerful tool for positive iris identification of an individual. The eye-capturing solution implemented through the developing Software Development Kit can be used by third-party components such as cameras. The system works with a number of the most popular cameras that can be easily increased.

Currently, the product is Windows-oriented, but to offer more flexibility, we have started developing a cross-platform solution. ELEKS’ team plans to release an ARM-based version of the system that ensures energy- and cost-efficient advantages.


The solution has been delivered in several stages, specifically:

  • Proof of concept delivery
  • BETA version release
  • Final release version and full set of documentation
  • Post-release full product support
  • Server-side performance optimizatione
  • Cross-platform version (in development)

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Tool's Advantages

  • Usability
    The application is robust and intuitive; no special training is required to get you quickly started.
  • Highly Integrated
    The solution can be easily and efficiently integrated into wide range of CRM and tracking systems.
  • Flexibility
    The application supports the most suitable Database Management Systems, such as SQLite and MSSQL.
  • Error minimization
    The new solution immensely reduces patient identification errors.
  • Time Effectiveness
    The application cuts patient identification time in half.
  • High Scalability
    Database expansion does not affect system performance and accuracy.
  • Elasticity
    The cluster-based solution allows for the addition and computer resources to meet any workloads.

Scope of Services

  • Developing the application meeting client requirements
  • Developing an SDK for the device the customer chose
  • Product support
  • Full product documentation
  • QA and testing