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Comprehensive Approach To Mobile Application Testing

Recent research studies proclaim the continuous evolution of mobile devices. This is the reason for the fast growth of users who utilize mobile applications. Therefore, the competitive mobile market demands high quality solutions which ELEKS has already been assuring successfully through testing services for the past 20 years.


Leading provider of security-related software


Security-Related Software


Assure quality for Android and iOS-based security solutions


Provided testing services to assure the high quality of Android and iOS-based software security solutions.

Business Benefits
  • Establishment of Quality Assurance processes
  • Assuring a high level of quality according to renowned standards
  • Scalable team expansion
  • On-time deliveries
  • Cost savings for the customer
Solution Overview

Due to different platforms undergoing testing, we applied different approaches to handling the project. however, the main course of action was the following:

    During the preparation stage of the project performed such tasks as:
  • Project documentation and specification analysis. The information regarding the target product was gathered and estimates were provided.
  • Product trainings. QA became acquainted with the product itself, its features, third-party software, and environments.
  • Environment preparation. Different devices were prepared according to the corresponding specifications (CpU, display resolution, platform, and its version).
  • During test execution stage, performed such tasks as:
  • Schedule analysis that involved communication among several groups (Dev/QA lab/Doc team, etc.)
  • Test case processing. Concentrating on the product specificity, the ELEKS team used relevant testing techniques such as experience- and risk-based testing. Due to these factors the ELEKS team ensured tight time utilization, corresponding test coverage and product compliance with the reference design.
  • Bug reporting and regression.
  • During the final testing stages, performed such tasks as:
  • Delivering the final binary checks/acceptance test
  • Performing post-release checks
  • Providing feedback on the RTm build’s readiness
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Scope of Services
  • Requirements and specifications analysis
  • Maintenance of the continuous integration processes
  • Product quality assurance across multiple platforms
  • On-time project delivery
  • Considerable reduction of test cycle time
  • Сost savings with efficient results
  • Team allocation with the possibility of expansion