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Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Retail

Full-cycle development of enterprise mobility, remote ordering and field service solutions

Over ten years of a mutually beneficial cooperation which resulted in a top-of-the-line end-to-end mobile enterprise system.


Our customer specializes in enterprise and mobile application solutions for wholesale, distribution, and retail industries in the U.S. Our customer’s innovative products include automated ordering, price book, sales force automation, and Internet-based solutions within divergent mobile platforms.


Wholesale, Distribution & Retail.


As the project has been developing, evolving and improving over an extended period of time, the ELEKS team faced challenges of different complexity. At the initial stage of the project our specialists were supposed to map goals for the application based on the customer’s requirements and determine how the customer can have the particular niche within the retail market.

Business Benefits
  • Occupied market niche and strengthened market positions year by year
  • Stable application with good performance
  • High level of satisfaction on the part of the end-users
  • Earned reputation due to streamlined product
  • Reduced time-to-market due to efficient cooperation process.
Technologies and tools

Mobile Solution:
PalmOS version:C++, gsoap, StyleTap (Windows Mobile, iOS, Android), typical barcode scanners and Bluetooth printers.

.NET version:.NET Compact Framework 3.5, С#, SQLite, Resco MobileForms Toolkit, typical barcode scanners and Bluetooth printers.

Back-end Solution:

ASP.NET Web-services (SOAP), ADO.NET, MS SQL Server 2008, ASP. NET 3.5 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), ADO.NET, DevExpress, Delphi 7


When the application development was in its initial stage, using the right platform for mobile development and runtime services was the first milestone. At that time, Palm OS was the perfect development platform since it was first oriented to create solutions for scanning devices. Later on, with the increasing number of both mobile devices and mobile OS, we opted for StyleTap platform as one of the best options to run applications originally written for Palm OS handheld devices on Windows Mobile smartphones, Symbian OS, iOS and Android devices. As to the solution scope, it can be regarded as complex solution which consisted of the mobile application, server side and web portal development to connect the enterprise back-end services in a secure and scalable way.

Tool’s Advantages

You will find below the list of the advanced features the tool includes, but is not limited to:

  • Smooth and rapid ordering
    The entire period from the moment of order creation to the warehouse takes less than ten minutes.
  • Check out details of the delivery tickets
    Item details appear instantly when an item is scanned or searched for, eliminating the need for paperwork.
  • Wireless access to the price book
    Saves money and precious time typically wasted on paperwork.
  • Up-to-date item-level details
    Once an item is scanned, application displays the item’s tag price, last order details and date, the minimum purchase quantity and more.
  • User-friendly approach to inventory management
    Visibility and automated control of your inventory and stock levels multiplied by the ability to generate orders based on current inventory in stock.
  • Validation of location before the order
    Helps wholesalers to take into account all the location and ship-to information to save costs and reduce shipment time.
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Scope of Services
  • Business Analysis
    Competitors analysis
    Content and materials analysis
    Scope analysis
    Planning development and deployment
    Validation and verification
  • Application Design
    Building application skin
    Wireframes design
    Selection of graphics and fonts
  • Development
    Application creation
    Integration with databases
    Integration with web services
  • Quality Assurance
    Functional testing
    Integration testing
    Usability testing
  • Documentation Services
    Support with User Guide
    Support with Online Help
    Support with Release Notes
  • Project and Process Management
    Project scope definitione
    Development of budget and schedule
    Establishing communication protocols with client
    Budget and schedule tracking
    Post-project evaluation to ensure customer satisfaction
Delivered Result and Future Steps
The customer received a stable application that works smoothly and quickly, even with the large amount of data. The application is fitted with a user-friendly interface assuring intuitive interaction of the user with it. Moreover, the application is continually customized by our specialists to meet the specific requirements of the customer’s endusers on top of a high satisfaction level. This creates great ROI for our customer. At the present stage, the application is being actively enhanced and supported.