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MINT WebAssistant online help


Greatly enhanced by ELEKS, the MINT WebAssistant online help provides an immediate, indispensable guidance for managers monitoring qualifications of aviation personnel to ensure EASA, FAA, and AQP compliance.
And the benefits do not just end here! Users gain a sense of confidence with new smart features and a more intuitive interface. Aviation companies maximize their return on investment in the software. Marketing specialists get an exhaustive summary of new functionality that comes with each release. Training specialists reuse stunning visuals and guidelines for preparing their training resources.


MINT Software Systems GmbH, a leading provider of compliance & training management solutions for world-class aviation companies.


Aviation & Aerospace


The challenge was to perform an annual update of the WebAssistant context-sensitive online help, ensuring that all its guidelines are clear and up-to-date, and verifying that every single topic opens in the correct context.


To provide a reliable, top-notch guidance for WebAssistant users and to let users quickly locate the necessary information, using a new comprehensive index that would make the online help even more responsive.

Business Benefits
  • Markedly boosts user learnability
  • Conveys core concepts through diagrams
  • Drastically reduces help desk calls and support costs
  • Engenders customer loyalty and increases sales
  • Greatly enhances usability
  • Allows content reuse by marketing, QA, and training professionals
Technologies and tools

Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe Photoshop, TechSmith SnagIt

Project Overview

With MINT WebAssistant, the world’s most recognizable aviation companies efficiently manage corporate resources, their qualifications, products, and training schedules. Every year MINT offers its customers a new version of WebAssistant enriched with a bunch of features that perfectly support their business.
For its major release, MINT contracted ELEKS to update the WebAssistant online help of 480 topics that would guide account managers, product and training managers on their daily workflows. Being developed with Adobe RoboHelp in JavaHelp output format, the online help featured context sensitivity, displaying a list of topics associated with the active window every time the user presses the F1 key.
To let WebAssistant users achieve maximum results with minimum effort, ELEKS suggested explaining the key concepts through smart diagrams and enhancing the overall searchability of the online help.

Scope of Services
  • Collecting business requirements
  • Regrouping the online help topics in a more task-oriented way
  • Extending the online help with new topics
  • Designing a series of diagrams to easily convey core concepts
  • Developing a new comprehensive, searchable index
  • Implementing context sensitivity
  • Recommending smart usability enhancements
  • Ensuring that the online help content is of the highest quality
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Project Solution
    To provide a reliable, top-notch guidance for WebAssistant users, adding to the quality that brought MINT’s customers to the top, ELEKS participated in a training session where our technical writers thoroughly analyzed the target audience, typical use cases, and the new functionality the solution features. As a result, ELEKS significantly restructured the online help, seamlessly updated its content, developed a new searchable index, and designed a series of illustrative diagrams, delivering top quality results in a time-sensitive environment. With the exceptionally wide business coverage of WebAssistant in view, ELEKS professionals explained the core concepts of the solution in an easy and entertaining way, through diagrams. To let users quickly locate the necessary information, ELEKS created a new comprehensive index that made the online help even more responsive. Working with the solution from the end-user perspective, our professionals also initiated a number of usability improvements that would guide end users through their workflows more intuitively.