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A Realistic Football World in the Virtual Football Web Community

Web Portal

ELEKS designed and implemented a social online football game, which allows to build football career through teamwork and interaction with other users.


Football web portal based in Sweden


 Entertainment, Online Games 


 Introduction of online services to take over a market niche. 


Designed and implemented an online football (soccer) game for real-life experience.

Business Benefits
  • High quality of the developed product
  • Complete product developed in terms set by the customer
Technologies and tools

.NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET 3.5, XPO, DevExpress, C#, Flash, ActionScript, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Amazon EC2

Solution Overview

Online game world comes very close to emulating the real life football world and reflects the culture of football. Training, matches, contract signing, transfer handling, tactical team talk are parts of everyday activities inside the game. Players train their attributes once per day, participate in tactical discussions, and play matches according to tactics agreed in the team. Managers pick the team for matches, make substitutions, sign players, and manage the team and its individuals. 

The complex and well-thought-out character development system provides endless possibilities and completely unique ways of becoming a football icon. The main principles of the world of the game are human interaction, identity, strategy, and teamwork. Building own football career is only possible through teamwork and interaction with other users. All managers, players, and journalists inside the game are controlled by real people, and together they create a challenging and long-lasting experience in a realistic football world. 

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Tool's Advantages
  • Scalability
    The game accommodates large numbers of online users
  • Usability
    The game is robust and intuitive, comfortable to play; extensive help section is useful and easy to understand
  • Flexibility
    The system supports different internet browsers
  • Accessibility
    The portal is available to its subscribers via the web
  • Game statistics and reporting
    The platform enables providing real-time statistical data related to the current game and reporting functionality
  • Simple graphics and gameplay
Scope of Services
  • Architecture and design development
  • Analysis of game algorithm
  • Requirements creation
  • QA (stress, performance, beta, UI, etc.)
  • Support of the documentation creation