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Technical Documentation and Help Engineering

in 15 languages including Asian-Pacific (APJ)

ELEKS’ team of Documentation Engineers supported a full-cycle localization of complex and long-term documentation project. Our specialists ensured a high-quality delivery of ready-to-use Help components for both offline and web-based versions. ELEKS participated in the project’s planning, preparation and scheduling activities. We were entrusted with the coordination of translation and documentation engineering. Moreover, our specialists cooperated with multiple translation vendors, authoring teams and software/QA engineers to ensure the final localized Help product meets all the quality requirements.


World’s leading manufacturer of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.


Architecture, building, construction, media and entertainment.

  • Multiple standalone user assistance components for 15 languages delivered separately and as a combined high volume Help output, with both offline and web-based versions required
  • Support of the full localization cycle, beginning with the project preparation until the final delivery of a ready-to-use Help product
  • Establishing cooperation with content authors, translators, proofreaders, software engineers and QA teams located in different time zones
  • Quick adaptation of the customer’s internal content authoring systems and specific production processes.

Delivery of localized ready-to-use help and other user assistance materials to engineering team and performing web-posting tasks for online-based components.

  • A reliable team, able to support a full cycle of documentation localization
  • Competent project coordinators, taking the lead role in all of the most complicated project challenges
  • Extensive expertise in documentation engineering for all the required languages
  • Resource flexibility for covering peak periods
  • Cost and time efficiency along with process optimization.
Technologies and tools
  • SDL WorldServer, SDL LiveContent Architect (Trisoft), Jira bug tracking system, Notepad++ source code editor
  • ELEKS’ internal localization tools: eView and eLinkChecker.
Solution Overview

The project goal was to localize different types of user assistance materials to be used in 3D architecture and engineering CAD design software. ELEKS had been working on online Help, Tutorials, User Guides, Installation Guides, Readme files and software tool tips, localizing them into 15 languages (Western/Eastern European languages and the APJ region). In the course of the localization work, ELEKS team was requested to work with clients’ internally customized content management and content authoring systems. On the one hand, we were to follow the specific processes, and on the other, we had to quickly adopt them into production workflow. For a number of timeconsuming tasks, such as verification of cross-references and hyperlinks in high-volume Help outputs, ELEKS’ team applied internally developed tools. eLinkChecker helped to perform a quick and reliable file check. Using this tool we significantly saved time and cost as well as an optimized localization process. For documentation visual checks, eView tool was applied for the visual check of documentation, enabling engineers to quickly review localized help pages in comparison with the English version.


As a part of the final localized delivery, ELEKS had provided screenshots, annotated images, voiceover videos and animations, translated and adopted for each specific locale. These art materials were referenced within Help outputs; therefore, its localization and engineering was handled by ELEKS’ team of graphic specialists simultaneously with documentation processing. All documentation outputs required additional engineering and functional checks for “Search” option, to give end user the ability to locate any information topic in the Help content using key words. Online Help versions passed through the separate quality checks and bug fixing activities for web-specific functional issues and layout inconsistencies.

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    • Regular meetings with customers to report project statuses.
    • Document schedule creation and adjustment with other production team schedules.
    • Preparation tasks:
      file analysis and scoping
      creation of project-specific checklists and spreadsheets
      production systems setup and configuration.
    • Translation projects creation and its hand-off to vendors.
    • Linguistic review coordination.
    • Output generation.
    • Documentation quality assurance and functional checks:
      defect logging to bug tracker
      investigation and fixing of open issues
      escalation to other functions
      monitoring and tracking statuses.
    • Preparing release packages:
      providing offline versions to software engineers
      posting online versions to servers.
    • Post release files archiving and project closing activities.