Awesome, rock-solid, super-fast persistence engine for event-sourced applications was launched by Greg Young and the team from Event Store


London, UK, - September 17, 2012 – We're proud to announce that Greg Young, supported by a team from ELEKS, has launched Event Store, a fast distributed database tuned for storing events (event sourcing support).

This one of the key projects we've been working on last couple of months that has been presented to public. The project is being developed under the direction of Greg Young.

The project code for a single node version is published under an open source license and multi-node versions are available; visit for more details.

While developing Event Store, Greg Young and the ELEKS team faced many challenges. Overcoming these challenges has resulted in the many innovative solutions available in the product: great performance, built in projections framework, the opportunity to run on Windows (.NET) and on Linux (Mono).

For more information about Event Store, visit

Greg Young, Partner at Event Store LLP, at the SkillsMatter eXchange in London on September 17th said; "Whilst developing the code base for the Event Store we worked with the guys at ELEKS. They enabled us the deliver our product faster than we otherwise could have done."

About Greg Young

Greg Young, an independent consultant and entrepreneur, has 10 + years of diverse experience in computer science (from embedded operating systems to business systems). Greg is the author of the term ‘CQRS’ (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and the theory of the development of distributed enterprise systems.


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