Check Out the Latest and ‘Hottest’ Updates from ELEKS’ HPC Unit


Oleh Khoma, Business Development Manager and Head of ELEKS’ HPC unit, shares the most recent updates on the ELEKS’ HPC team activities.

Things have been hot the last couple of months for our HPC unit at ELEKS. We were excited to become a part of the UBER-Cloud HPC Experiment, organized to drive the adoption of HPC-in-the-Cloud. Assuming the role of HPC Experts, we were happy to share our experience in clouds in application to heavy computing.

As experts in GPU computing, we could not miss the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, where every year NVIDIA showcases the progress of GPGPU technology. This year a new exciting roadmap was revealed that promises some cool features for the future Maxler and Volta chips. Quite a bit has been happening on the mobile front as well with the low-power Tegra 4 processor.

Regarding upcoming events: Yuriy Guts, ELEKS’ R&D Engineer and Cloud Expert, is getting ready to speak at the HPCFinance Conference in Tampere, Finland this May. The topic will also be related to Cloud technology, as it is still a highly underused technology in many industries.

On the R&D side, we are working on new promising algorithms for medical imaging and the application of Xeon Phi for some of our projects as well as getting ready for the new HPC projects due to start in next couple of months.


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