ELEKS' Representatives Visiting the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Conducting a Google Glass Workshop


February 24-27, 2014Ostap Andrusiv, Markiyan Matsekh and Anton Golub are going to visit the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – a must-attend event for mobile enthusiasts that each year brings together over 1,000 experts in the mobile software and hardware industry.

Moreover, Ostap is going to conduct a Google Glass development workshop at WIPJam @ MWC14 where he will share tips and tricks for developing Google Glass apps.

ELEKS’ representatives are looking forward to visiting MWC to be on top of the latest trends in the mobility sphere, understand the current state of mobile technology and be the first to see new solutions presented by mobility giants.

With mobile gadgets and wearables rapidly developing and mobile software and UX becoming more person-oriented, it is crucial for ELEKS to keep up with the extreme rate of mobility evolution. At ELEKS, we view mobile analytics, contextual awareness and wearables as top trends, and we can’t wait to visit MWC to confirm our guesses.

About the Event

Mobile World Congress is the most influential annual mobile event in the world. In 2014, the conference will take place in Barcelona February 24-27th. This is the place where the latest achievements in mobile industry are presented and new trends in mobility are coined. The Congress features a thought-leadership conference, a product and technology exhibition, a mobile app community gathering and much more.

WIPJam @ MWC14 is a 4-day devcon and hackathon that takes place during the Mobile World Congress. The event includes Developer Storytelling, UnPanels and Reverse Pitches, as well as training seminars and extra sessions.


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