ELEKS' CEO, Alex Skrypnyk, in his Forbes interview, speaks about facts and figures on ELEKS


Alex Skrypnyk, the founder and CEO of one of the largest Lviv IT companies, has a bright example to follow. His father, Alex Skrypnyk Sr., is 74 years-old and he continues to develop software. Alex speaks proudly about his father and considers him an inspiring example for youth.

The first serious software program was written by the future electrical engineer, Skrypnyk Jr., in 1982. Seven years later, he founded ELEKS which now belongs to the Top 10 Largest Programming Centers of Ukraine. The company employs 800 professionals and its turnover exceeds $15 million. ELEKS delivers projects to Western customers as well as develops its own software products; in particular, the medical information system Doctor ELEKS and e-government systems for several British municipalities.

In the near future, Alex Skrypnyk Jr. plans to drive ELEKS into the major league of the Ukrainian IT business by increasing the number of employees from 2000 to 3000, opening sales offices in Europe and the U.S. and establishing a full-fledged product company on the basis of ELEKS.


ELEKS (ELEKS.com) is a global organization delivering software development, localization and testing services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe. ELEKS specializes in software solutions for Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare sectors. Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

For more information about ELEKS, please visit www.eleks.com.

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