ELEKS Localization Among Top 20 Language Service Providers


This year ELEKS is proud to join the ranks of the Top 20 Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe. With the latest trends in localization and an impressive track record of fortune 500 customers, ELEKS once again proved to be worthy of a position among the key localization service providers. And now, ELEKS’ expertise in localization and internationalization is recognized not only by our devoted customers, but also by an independent, reliable, and competent source – Common Sense Advisory.

Annually, Common Sense Advisory, the largest independent globalization, localization, and translation market research company, searches for the biggest, most experienced and promising companies in the field of localization. Having researched the companies, Common Sense Advisory compiles a comprehensive list of Top 100 Global Language Service Providers worldwide, as well as in regions of the world.

Being a powerful company with extensive experience in localizing documentation, software, multimedia, web solutions, and with a unique combination of proven information technology and translation expertise, ELEKS has all the potential to remain among the top localization services providers year after year.

ELEKS ( is a global organization delivering software development, localization and testing services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe. ELEKS specializes in software solutions for Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare sectors. Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.For more information about ELEKS, please visit

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