ELEKS Website Creation Insiders' Stories: Web Team


As a continuation of the first interview given by Alex Skrypnyk regarding ELEKS’ award winning website, we offer the insiders’ stories of those who created the product.

Denys Skrypnyk, the project Art Director 
Denys was a key player in the website’s design concept, UX, and the overall design vision.

Denys: I was involved in the product creation from the very first day. I managed the product concept realization and monitored the overall web teamwork. The fun part about this project was that we managed to make the internal project one of the most challenging we have ever dealt with. The main challenge was the product’s completely innovative concept which was totally different from the websites we used to develop. We were provided with the necessary resources (including people and budget) and freedom in the realization process that, in turn, allowed us to use unconventional approaches and practices, which we never used before. I believe that the dedication of each team’s member to the project helped us build such an awesome website. My special thanks to Oleh, Nazar and Sasha for their creative ideas and hard work and to the entire marketing team for their support and encouragement.

Oleh Hasoshyn, Senior Designer
Oleh was the leading designer on the project who set the style for the entire website and created the core scope of the graphics.

Oleh: I was fully engaged in the project: wireframes creation, artwork (icons and images), animation and the website’s final design. For me, the most challenging part in this project was the constant communication with various team members, especially with a front-end developer, in order to articulate all the creative ideas for realization. However, I was so inspired by the project, its novelty, scale, and the possibilities it opened up for me that I did not see the difficulties behind that. Actually, animation was the hardest part, and at the same time - the most fun part. We used to spend 3-4 days working on the minor details of the animated elements, and every small success was a big deal for us. Only now, talking about the project, I can think of the challenges we faced. I hope the website users enjoy it now as much as we did when creating it.

Nazar Banakh, Front-end developer
To get all the details right, Nazar closely cooperated with the entire team, including designers, developers, test engineers and the marketing team.

Nazar: I was involved in the creation of main block prototypes, mock-ups and other elements which helped to build the website very quickly. The main challenge from my end was the website responsive design. Ukrainian web developers have no or little experience with the responsive design since it is quite a new trend in web development. Therefore, due to a lack of experts in that area, a lot of things were done by trial-and-error through self-education. During the project I read tons of literature, forums and other information on responsive design – that cost me many sleepless nights, but the result is totally worth it. You know, I always wanted to make animation, and I did it! That is my personal achievement. I’m honestly very happy we received the award.

Stay tuned for more insiders' stories.

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