Insight into the Digital Media Development at ELEKS


In the light of ELEKS’ website recognition by the Horizon Interactive Awards, we decided to discuss aspects of digital media development with Anastasia Tumanova, Business Developer in Digital Production, to find out how international web awards will influence the development of a new but prospective digital trend at ELEKS.

What were the reasons to develop digital stream at ELEKS?
We are perfectly aware that despite being new, and to some extent, not so well-known, the digital marketplace is rapidly expanding across industries and devices. Moreover, digital production is something new for us since we have been effectively dealing with directions such as mobile and web development for more than ten years now. For these reasons we concentrated our best resources on the development and promotion of flexible, creative and compelling solutions in the digital media sphere.

How do you think that winning the Horizon Interactive Awards will assist in the development of Digital Stream at ELEKS? If yes, in what way will it happen?
It certainly will. Quite a bit has already occurred with respect to this recognition. Now our award-winning website speaks volumes for ELEKS’ achievements. It is a perfect example of how a talented team full of creative ideas and a perfect vision of implementation instruments can deliver a full-cycle project that receives global recognition. Moreover, it proves that ELEKS is not just a mere Ukrainian IT company but an international leader. As a result, our clients feel certain that when working with us they will receive outstanding solutions with proven quality.

What perspectives do you see in digital production?
First of all, we remain up-to-date with evolving technologies, and therefore are able to tailor almost every solution to any customer’s request. Second of all, we understand the biggest challenge of our today’s content-rich world: digital solutions should be easily accessible, non-trivial and readily at your fingertips. Consequently, ELEKS is ready to see all the emerging perspectives in the industry and form relationships with clients in such a manner to prevent their concerns about dealing with brand-new technologies: we just need the customer’s creative idea, whereas implementation is our mission field.

What initiatives are you promoting in this direction?
Our key goal is to provide clients with the information, services and content they are looking for and deliver it across a variety of media and devices. The next step is to optimize them so that people can get the most value out of the ‘so-called’ digital globalization in a convenient and effective way. We constantly take part in various conferences and will soon participate in and organize divergent webinars to discuss the practical aspects of digital innovations as well as share our vast experience with the target audience. We are always open to constructive dialogue and new knowledge.

What technologies are the most appropriate for digital production?
We differentiate three milestones in our approach to digital stream: media, creativity and technologies. It should be emphasized that we are ready to deal with any customer’s requests with the technologies of any complexity. However, we believe that web and mobile directions are the most technologically advanced communications channels.

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