Markiyan Matsekh, Business Developer at ELEKS R&D Department discusses Enterprise Mobility Trends


During these hot summer days we want to discuss the just as red-hot trend in mobile computing. Let’s look at the main points of Enterprise Mobility with Markiyan Matsekh, Business Developer in Enterprise Mobility from the ELEKS Research and Development team.

What were the reasons to start working in the direction of Enterprise Mobility?
First of all, Enterprise Mobility is a globally rising term now, so as an innovative company we cannot afford to miss out on this movement. Consequently, it was a balanced initiative of the R&D, Business Development and Marketing departments. Moreover, Enterprise Mobility which arose from the introduction of mobile phones is named as a mobility trend for 2013.

What challenges do you face/overcome when implementing mobile solutions for businesses?
We differentiate challenges on the part of our customers and these are challenges that we are supposed to overcome as highly-qualified developers. As for the clients, data security is a key issue. Business owners should make a point of such matters as auditability, encryption, authentication and company policies concerning corporate intellectual property. ELEKS prefers to handle security problems in two ways: resorting to numerous third-party solutions or producing our own security products for mobile applications. We suggest the former since it is not economically reasonable to reinvent the wheel.
Another problem is the undervaluation of the User Experience. First and the foremost, enterprise mobility is aimed at increasing efficiency; therefore, applications must be well-planned and well-designed not to waste the precious time of those who will work with these devices and it is our bottom line. For this reason we have UI/UX department at ELEKS which can handle problems of different complexity.

What initiatives are you promoting at ELEKS to enhance development of the enterprise mobility?
ELEKS has vast experience in mobility projects, so we decided to gather all our expertise in one central point, accumulating all our ‘forces’ to be able to react to mobility requests as soon as possible. The next step in this direction is the creation of a mobile stream based on our Software Development and R&D Departments. This stream will be responsible for training mobility experts and making proposals for potential clients. Besides, we work closely with account managers to promote this direction among our existing clients, preparing solutions tailored especially for them. Moreover, we constantly perform research that looks for the best technological, security and performance mobility trends.

What is ELEKS’ target audience in mobility solutions? What industries are of special interest for ELEKS?
Enterprise Mobility projects are done in industries, where mobilization of employees helps improving business processes. Today the most popular fields are Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, HR, Proffessional Services, etc. But the challenge, and my main passion is to mobilize those industries which are still to discover their mobile potential, and I truly believe that there are many of them.

What are your views and expectations on the current and future trends in mobile computing?
I am convinced that the mobility direction will continue its rapid development and evolution since various industries are extremely interested in mobile applications specific to their customised needs. Speaking of mobility trends, I believe in the promising future of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which is already one of the hottest topics in technology today. More and more business owners are expected to stop giving workers corporate devices. Besides, it is quite natural that employees would like to work with the devices they are already familiar with and are accustomed to using on a daily basis.
It is not an exaggeration to say that people cannot but realize the business benefits of mobility.

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