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Accelerating quality and value of health care service delivery.

Doctor ELEKS is a smart medical information system that allows healthcare organisations to deliver improved patient care at a lowered cost by automating and streamlining complex operating processes and clinical data management practices.

Our smart system allows clinics to collect and store all patient information in a single electronic medical record and provide authorised users with secure access to relevant clinical records anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Our software solution is scalable enough to fit a healthcare institution of any size. These benefits, along with the innovative tree-view technology of document templates and a simple, user-friendly interface, make ELEKS’ system customisable and easy to use.

Doctor ELEKS was designed keeping in mind the importance of increased security for healthcare. The system is compliant with the healthcare data standards, such as HIPAA, HL7, CDA, ICD. So, we ensure the system makes communication between medical service providers and patients more efficient, flawless and secure.

11-year experience of continuous improvement and deployment

5 million satisfied patients

50+ customers in the EU

200+ medical institutions that run on Doctor ELEKS

Benefits for clinics

Benefits for clinics

  • Centralised and structured medical data storage using electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Improved clinic’s overall efficiency
  • Increased patient throughput and satisfaction through optimised processes
  • Reduced resources and expenses for documentation and reporting
  • Advanced financial control using payment-tracking system
  • Data-driven support for clinical decision-making

Physicians can

  • Reach patient information and all essential medical documents more quickly since all data is structured in centralised medical data storage.
  • Reduce the time for the examination due to the “smart document workflow”.
  • Interoperate with medical devices: share critical patient history, save video and images from any medical equipment, edit and process all patient information.

Benefits for nurses

  • Unified interface allowing to automate workflows and manage all orders coming from different sources.
  • Quick access buttons facilitating interaction with the Patient Summary dashboard, CPOE, MAR and EMR.
  • User-friendly interface allowing to easily manage orders: adding, modifying and discontinuing them.
  • Integrated document forms for faster medical recording and simplified note taking.

Management can

  • Efficiently cooperate with the clinical personnel and have instant access to real-time operational data.
  • Optimise medical treatment processing to ensure a higher level of patient care.
  • Get easy web-access to scheduling and documentation anywhere and anytime it is needed.
  • Monitor clinic’s expenses and profits to improve strategic financial decision-making.
Management can

What we offer

ELEKS’ team offers professional consulting services to help you efficiently address your organization’s needs with an advanced technology solution to streamline processes, increase efficiency and achieve your business goals.

What we offer


We will start with the analysis of all business aspects of your clinic to find cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique needs. Also, we’ll make every effort to implement the system in the shortest possible time without affecting your normal rhythm of work.


Doctor ELEKS is fully configurable and can easily align to your processes. And if you require developing additional functions outside the basic structure of our system, we will quickly and skilfully meet your needs.

Training sessions

In addition, we provide specialised training sessions to educate you and your team to effectively use our smart information medical systems.

Core elements

Scheduling tool
  • Centralised and secure storage of all patient information with electronic medical record functionality.
  • A convenient physician workspace that allows one to easily input data using available document templates.
  • Simple scheduling tool for effective planning and personnel workflow management.
  • Computerised physician order entry that enables physicians to enter prescription, lab tests and other orders of patient care directly into a medical information system.
  • Document template editor that allows one to create custom medical record documentation with advanced formatting.
  • Analytics that helps monitor financial indicators for a certain period, track hospital progress on key issues of safety and quality, reflect data on personnel workload and productivity. This way, your organisation will have the ability to make well-informed decisions based on the aggregated data to lower the administrative costs and optimise resources.
  • PACS integration that enables acquiring, viewing and storing data, images and video files produced by different types of medical devices.
  • Billing that enhances management and maintenance of accurate records of all bills and financial transactions.

Technologies and standards



  • MS SQL Server 2014
  • WCF .NET 4.5
  • Win32 client (.NET 3.5, WinForms)
  • Web Client (IIS, AngularJS)
  • Mobile (Objective-C, Java)



  • HL7 v.2.3 - 2.6
  • ICD

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