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Enabling businesses to enhance their software products and services with advanced user analytics.

Looking for a comprehensive analytics tool to provide you with actionable insights to improve your products, optimise resources and lower operating costs?

STATR is an intelligence tool that offers in-depth usage analytics for mobile and desktop software. The tool helps make smarter, data-driven business decisions, allowing you to optimise time for software development while delivering a superior customer experience.

Make data-driven business decisions, and optimise time for software development while delivering a superior customer experience.

How you can gain a competitive advantage with STATR

Improve your software usability

Improve your software usability

The user flow functionality uncovers the real picture of how users navigate from one screen to another providing up-to-date user flow reports and behaviour analytics.
Ensure stable performance

Ensure stable performance

Based on Custom Events statistics, STATR provides MVP analytics for the most frequently-used features, so you can track every possible activity in an entire app as well as analyse crashes, logs and errors.
Boost user engagement with Heat Maps

Boost user engagement with Heat Maps

STATR collects clicks, touches and other kinds of user actions and then visualises them to give you a comprehensive picture of the areas and functionality with which your users interact the most. Analysing this data, you can define the areas that need improvement to increase user engagement.

Want to learn what happens with your software application after download or how your customers actually use your product after the purchase?

STATR will provide you with the answers. You will gain valuable insights that can further be transformed into actionable information to help you upgrade your software product to better meet user expectations and needs, improve customer satisfaction, boost retention and drive revenue.

STATR features and functionality

Usage report

Evaluate the efficiency of your software product by collecting all the relevant details on how your mobile and desktop application is used, including:

  • Number of application installations
  • Number of abnormal software terminations
  • Average session duration time (how people use the software in general)
  • User loyalty (how often they use your software)
  • Usage trends over a day/week/month
Usage report

Software features analysis

Get a clear picture of how the individual features of your application are used to prioritise them and deliver more value to your users. You can also use the screen hit map to get valuable ideas for usability improvements.

Usage geography

Review your software statistics per country or region. Identify your target markets and direct your marketing efforts to where they will be the most effective for achieving your revenue goals.

Environment review

See what operating systems, screen resolutions and hardware your users have to optimise your product’s compatibility and usability.

STATR Compatibility

Easy integration

To start collecting precise application analytics, you just need to download the STATR module and it will easily integrate with your software.

The module is available for integration with:

  • Delphi, .NET
  • Java
  • C++
  • Android
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Presentation Foundation

Flexible reports

STATR reports can be customised according to your specific needs. Choose the type of data you want to display and get actionable analytics right at your fingertips.

Access level control

You can grant different levels of access rights to your team members, depending on their authority and needs, to ensure maximum efficiency and maintain information security.

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IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100 2017
Clutch TOP IoT Developers 2016
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