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Accelerate your day-to-day operations and drive increased productivity with the reality technologies.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies are evolving so rapidly that their expansion goes far beyond the entertainment sector. VR/AR/MR are offering an immersive environment and diverse opportunities, starting from consumer engagement to the optimisation of complex work processes. We will help you embrace the benefits for your business.

More then one in three manufacturers expect to adopt VR and AR technologies by 2018.


We can help you to

Increase engagement and accelerate sales

Increase engagement and accelerate sales

Boost customer satisfaction and reach up to 20% of sales, enabling your audience to interact virtually with your products and services before purchase. The ELEKS team will help you design realistic virtual demos to create an ultimate “try before you buy” experience for your customers.

Streamline work processes

Boost employees’ productivity with hands-free headsets and real-time technologies. Automate the workflow in a trade house, assembly-line, inventory monitoring and warehouse logistics, providing workers with smart VR/AR/MR applications tailored to streamline their workflows and daily tasks.

Save costs on production

Facilitate the manufacturing process, saving costs and time on testing and modeling products with VR/AR/MR tech. Check if new parts suit the whole construction, choose a right location for equipment using a digital map or manipulate a design in a virtual environment on-the-spot and in real-time.

Augment collaboration strategies

Accelerate the effectiveness of a conference, augmenting face-to-face communication with VR/AR/MR services. Holograms of co-workers, clients or employers present at a scheduled meeting can significantly reduce expenses on business trips, orchestrate cooperation strategies and engage workers.

Optimise training programs

Bridge the gap between the digitally-transformed world and the outdated employee training programs by applying dynamic VR/AR/MR practices. ELEKS offers you an innovative approach to educating employees either distantly or in-house, applying immersive learning simulations and realistic visualisation.

Optimise training programs

How we work

Industry research and analysis
Custom software development
Industry research and analysis
Industry research and analysis

Industry research and analysis

We conduct detailed industry research to offer compatible and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Together with our R&D experts, we define the tools, models and processes within your business environment that virtual technologies can help augment and enhance.

Next step

Custom software development
Custom software development

Custom software development

We build applications for headsets and other VR accessories to provide an excellent, hands-free VR/AR/MR experience as well as mobile apps to reduce expenses on extra hardware. We apply our comprehensive research and team’s skillset to design and develop exclusive custom software to match your company’s infrastructure and business demands.

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