May 15th - 17th
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The ever-evolving digital era, especially with the most recent pandemic, brings with it unchartered online challenges:
  • How to communicate?
  • How to share duties, obligations, tasks and information?
  • How to collaborate and – now more than ever?
  • How to help those in need?
In response, ELEKS is announcing its online hackathon, to try and decipher how we face the challenges of the modern era, together.
Who can apply:

We’re engaging IT specialists, visionaries, pioneers and analysts to collaborate over the course of 48 hours, in the largest fully-online hackathon to date, to solve some of these challenges.

We want, not only your ideas, but the creation of a minimum viable product to show that great minds – acting in unison – can address some of the most pressing issues posed by this new online era.

The hackathon will tackle:
Collaboration and
Doing business
Online learning
Engaging and
Keeping you and your crew
Helping the vulnerable -
support and engagement 
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The registration is available till 14th of May (10PM GMT)