STATR is a first-class intelligence tool that provides usage analytics about mobile and desktop software products. The tool helps make smarter business decisions for software publishers, software development companies, product owners, individual software developers, and software marketing agencies in order to improve their software products, reduce operating costs, and speed up their time to market.


STATR Advantages:

User Flow

User Flow uncovers the real picture, how users navigate from one screen to another. There is no need for assumption any more. With User Flow, you would be certainly up-to-date about how to optimize your software.

Custom Events

Custom Events help you track every possible activity in an entire app. Based on Custom Events statistics, STATR provides MVP analytics for the most frequently used features. Moreover, you can analyze crashes, logs, errors and features usage.

Heat Map

STATR collects clicks, touches and other kinds of important user interactions and then visualizes them on your application screens. In the event you have different screen sizes, STATR will be able to unite all of these types kinds of interactions into a whole picture view.

Allows to answer important questions:

  • What happens with your software program or application after download and before purchase?
  • How is software really used after the purchase?

Allows to estimate the efficiency of the
application by:

  • Number of software installations
  • Software usage frequency
  • Features / forms / components that are most used
  • User location
  • Hardware and operating system your application is running on
  • Software versions that are currently used

STATR Features:


Usage Report

Collect all relevant details on your mobile and desktop applications usage. Estimate the efficiency of your application by the next parameters:

  • Number of application installations
  • Number of software abnormal terminations
  • Average session duration time (how people use software in general)
  • User loyalty (how often they use your software)
  • Usage trends over a day/week/month

Usage Geography

Review your software statistics per country or region. Identify your target markets and direct your marketing tools where they will be the most effective!


Analysis of Software Features

Review the usage of individual software features. Identify which of your features are vital for users. Improve the usability with a screen hit map of your software!


Environment Review

See what operating systems, screen resolutions and hardware your users have. Use these analytics to improve your application usability.


Software Usage by Versions

Review usage details about different versions of your product.


STATR Ease of Use:

Easy Integration

Just download STATR module and integrate it into your software to start collecting precise application analytics. Software client module is available for integration in: Delphi, .NET, Java, C++, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Windows Presentation Foundation.

Flexible Reports

Reports can be customized according to your specific needs. Choose the data you want to be displayed to find the answer to your question!

Access Level Control

Team members can be given different access rights. Now your whole team can take advantage of precise analytics provided by STATR!