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Quality Assurance Audit

If you need an independent review of your product or a quality assurance process, you are in the right place. ELEKS offers its sound expertise in QA while providing an objective quality evaluation of your internal processes and products intended for release.

Considering customer’s needs and available data, ELEKS offers two methods of QA audit.

Inside QA Audit

This audit is ideal for companies which do not have a QA vendor, but have a need in reviewing their internal QA process. All you have to do is provide us with artifacts, and we will review your QA process from an independent point of view. ELEKS’ QA specialists do a thorough analysis and research, in order to identify the gaps in QA process and what could be improved. QA Audit covers numerous areas, which include, but are not limited to: review of QA resources quality of work performed, quality of project documentation, testing coverage, QA project strategy monitoring, review of process management structure, and other relevant testing process review.

Independent QA Audit

When you have a tested product that you believe needs an independent review before the release, this method comes in handy. The idea of this method is similar to Trial RC builds, delivering to the users. To execute independent QA audit, we require minimal data from a customer, that will help carry out research and deliver an objective feedback about current quality of the product. Based on the feedback, you can determine the steps for further product quality improvements.

QA Audit Executions Types

1. Regular/Planned

This type of audit is scheduled for regular review to grantee quality assurance process monitoring, as well as help to keep the customer informed on the quality of the process itself.

2. Project-based/Project stage-based

This type of audit is provided on different product stages. In this way, our customers can monitor any separate project stage and see the big picture of a project.

3. Episodic/Custom

This type of audit is indended for companies that ask for a single QA audit execution.

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