Transforming Reality Through Mobility

Mobility is much more than devices and apps; it is an innovative shift in the minds and behaviors of millions of businesses and billions of customers. Our task is to translate these mobile user habits into efficient mobility solutions customized specifically for your business needs.



The variety and number of mobile platforms and cross-platform tools is constantly growing; some examples include Android, iOS, WinPhone, Firefox OS, PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, and many more. Therefore, it is critical to understand each tool’s pros and cons to effectively match the right solution to a specific business problem.

Identifying and implementing new cross-platform technologies, while ensuring their ability to deliver business value at maximum capacity is a continuous goal for ELEKS R&D team.

Mobile Web

Today's needs for customer engagement are reaching the edge of technology. Constant demand for more innovative features like fast animation, multiscreen interaction and live video chats creates the strong need to push mobile web technologies to the limit.

By researching and applying WebRTC, WebSockets, and WebGl technologies, and combining them with accelerometer and gyroscope technologies, great technological gains can be made. After all, caching, storing and securing data locally on the web can open up new possibilities for UX designers to satisfy growing user expectations.

Wearable Technology

Mobility has changed the pace of our lives tremendously. It continues to do so as the wearable technology is booming in its outstanding ability to transform our everyday reality. Smartwatches bring information from our pockets to our hands; smartglasses enable hands-free interaction, and fitness trackers help research physical activity and improve our health.

As wearables are still in the maturing phase, implementation of real life business applications for this type of technology is quite challenging. The ELEKS R&D team welcomes exciting professional challenges and includes the wearable application development among their key priorities.

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