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Cloud Solutions

Scalability, capital cost reduction and faster time-to-market: those are not the only benefits businesses receive from Cloud Computing, but even those three are enough to consider Cloud usage. Since 2008, ELEKS engineers have been working with Cloud Computing, successfully delivering cloud solutions to our customers.
Our Cloud experience includes the development of:

  • High-load web services capable of serving thousands of requests per second
  • Scalable computation engines for high-performance computing and big data analytics tasks
  • Infrastructure platforms for Fortune 500 corporations

Application Modernization and Migration to the Cloud

Moving a legacy application to the Cloud is another roadblock on the way to Cloud adoption into Enterprise IT. The complexity of migration may vary from simple reconfiguration to complete reengineering.
Our Cloud Migration Services include:

  • Application Assessment
  • Migration Feasibility Study
  • SaaS Architecture Design and Review
  • Migration Execution
  • DevOps Services Implementation

Scale-Out to the Cloud

Scaling your application on-premise might be a tricky and costly venture. Scaling your application in the cloud is easy and cost-efficient in opposite.Scaling out your on-premise application to the cloud when you need more resources is a natural way of combining the best of both worlds:
Data Security, Compliance and Reliability of on-premise hosting Cost-effectiveness, Flexibility and Time-to-market of the Cloud.
Our engineers have vast experience in implementation of a Scale-Out Strategy for various scenarios:

  • High-Performance Computing clusters
  • Big Data Analytics engines
  • High-Load Web Services
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Data Backup and Mirroring
Platform & Infrastructure
Operations & Governance

Cloud Platform Development

Implementing Cloud and SaaS models within Enterprise IT brings new advantages; however, in practice there are a lot of challenges. By introducing an application platform, an organization can dramatically reduce total cost of ownership of their applications while improving the non-functional properties of an application and general time-to-market.
At ELEKS we built a number of cloud platforms for:

  • HPC and Data Analytics
  • Remote Workplace
  • Enterprise Application PaaS




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Looking for the newest technological trends and proven approaches with the creativity and bright ideas? New, bright, responsive and in the Azure cloud! The new ELEKS website!


Online Football Game

 Entertainment, Online Games 

Designed and implemented a social online football game, which allows to build football career through teamwork and interaction with other users.

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