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ELEKS Data Science Platform

Reduce the burden of data science model management and enhance your performance
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the challenge

Applying data science is a complex, multi-stage process

Integrating AI and advanced analytics into your business requires considerable time, money and effort. This can delay deployment and lead to overspends — in cash, hours and resources.

What’s more, multiple developers, DevOps and support engineers are needed to oversee the deployment, security, integration and maintenance of whichever data science model you have. But what if there was a single solution that could ease the burden for you?

Landing Data Science
the solution

Effortlessly manage your data science models

The ELEKS Data Science Platform (eDSP) has been developed to take the pain out of machine learning model management, allowing your team to create and manage models with ease.

Save significant time and money, while freeing up valuable internal resources to focus on your core business. And expand your analytics capabilities to drive efficiency and performance.

Based on Kubernetes — the most widely-used container orchestration system — eDSP is scalable, flexible and available anywhere.

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Why choose the ELEKS Data Science Platform?

Our data science platform simplifies model support, streamlines your tasks and saves you significant time and money.
Deliver data science projects up to 2x faster.
Slash project costs by up to 40% with significantly less spend on DevOps and development.
Reduce the burden of operational tasks – so your data scientists can focus on generating actionable insights.
Significantly lower the cost and complexity of model support.
Reduce the risk of vendor lock-in with a cloud-agnostic setup.
Detect failures rapidly with out-of-the-box monitoring.
Achieve a high standard of security.
Create machine learning models via AutoML – with no prior data science expertise needed.
Data Science

Features and Functionality

A customisable, scalable and secure platform designed to take the hassle out of data science model management.
An easy-to-customise analytics platform based on open-source products – each component can be tailored to your needs.
A simple web user interface and command line for model management, all in one place.
A cloud-agnostic architecture with automated deployment to Azure, AWS, GCP and on-premise.
Secure and scalable model API that’s ready to use.
Data source integration for training and scoring with different RDBMS, Kafka, Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Data Lake and more.
Automated model scoring that’s also scalable and secure.
On-the-fly model updates and versioning.
Simple functionality for manual configuration and scheduled retraining.
Preconfigured monitoring options and dashboards.
Restricted access to resources and dashboards.
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How it works

Simply choose a template, add your code and upload. Then effortlessly set up your model training, scoring and monitoring.
Step 1.
Select from our docker images templates or create your own library sets.
Step 2.
Write your model code and archive it, then select the image template and upload the archive into eDSP.
Step 3.
Publish your model and configure access rights.
Step 4.
Retrain your model and schedule future retraining if needed.
Step 5.
Define your scoring process.
Step 6.
Create dashboards to visualise your data.
Step 7.
Maintain and monitor the model, scale it to your needs.
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