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Maximise the value of their AWS investments and ensure unparalleled speed, flexibility, and scalability for your cloud solutions with ELEKS as your software development partner.

ELEKS' Cloud computing expertise

Thanks to our extensive expertise in application modernisation, data management, and advanced analytics, we empower businesses with cost-effective and adaptable cloud solutions that drive growth and enhance operational efficiency.
cloud migration
Cloud migration
ELEKS specialises in seamless migration services, helping businesses smoothly transition their applications and data to the cloud while minimising downtime and disruption.
Security assessment and optimisation
With a strong focus on security, ELEKS conducts thorough assessments and provides robust optimisation strategies to ensure that your SaaS solution is protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities.
Cost assessment and optimisation
ELEKS helps businesses assess and optimise their SaaS costs, identifying areas for cost savings and implementing strategies to optimise resource allocation, ultimately maximising the return on investment.
Re-architecture services
ELEKS offers re-architecture services, leveraging their expertise in SaaS solutions to redesign and optimise your existing system, enhancing scalability, performance, and overall efficiency.
Machine Learning (ML)
ELEKS leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques to help businesses unlock the power of their data, driving intelligent insights, automation, and predictive capabilities.
Predictive and prescriptive analytics
Advanced Analytics
With a focus on advanced analytics, ELEKS empowers organisations to extract valuable insights from their data, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering a competitive edge in the market.
Enterprise Data Platform
ELEKS builds robust and scalable enterprise data platforms, providing a centralised and secure foundation for data storage, integration, and analysis, enabling organisations to harness the full potential of their data assets.
cloud migration
Big Data cloud migration
ELEKS specialises in the seamless migration of big data solutions to the cloud, leveraging its expertise in cloud technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, unlocking the benefits of scalability, cost-efficiency, and agility.
Deployment and next steps
Data strategy and governance
ELEKS assists businesses in developing comprehensive data strategies and implementing effective governance frameworks, enabling organisations to establish data-driven cultures, ensure data quality, compliance, and privacy, and drive strategic business outcomes.
Partner with ELEKS to become more agile, scalable and efficient, via the Cloud.

What we do

ELEKS' specialised teams of solution architects, big data engineers, and data scientists provide expertise across a broad spectrum of AWS programs, competencies, and services.

Amazon RDS Service Delivery

As an Amazon RDS Service Delivery Partner, ELEKS empowers businesses to set up, operate and scale relational databases in the cloud effortlessly. We leverage the power of Amazon RDS to provide cost-effective and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks. So you can spend more valuable time focusing on your applications and business.

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows

Amazon EMR

AWS Lambda

Amazon Redshift

AWS DevOps

AWS Big Data

AWS Financial Services

AWS Retail

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AWS Well-Architected

AWS APN Immersion Days


ELEKS is a trusted expert in custom software development and cloud-based solutions. We have extensive experience in cloud computing, particularly with Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing us to deliver end-to-end solutions that address the most intricate challenges enterprises face.
Decades of software experience
ELEKS brings deep expertise in application modernisation, data management, and advanced analytics, combined with extensive experience leveraging AWS technologies.
Full-cycle software solutions
ELEKS offers end-to-end services, covering everything from assessment and planning to migration and ongoing management, ensuring a seamless digital transformation journey.
Fast and agile delivery
ELEKS delivers projects with remarkable speed and agility, leveraging AWS's global infrastructure to rapidly deploy and scale applications, enabling quick response to market demands.

Drive innovation, agility, and sustainable growth with AWS-based solutions delivered by a trusted technology partner