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Logistics Software Development

Unify your supply chain, fleets and warehousing – for smart, cost-effective asset management.
According to PwC
of transport & logistics CEOs surveyed expect that changes in core technologies of production or service provision will be disruptive to their business.

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custom application development

Boost logistics chain efficiency

ELEKS’ logistics management software development services will unify your front-facing and back-end operations. This helps you manage your processes and assets – collaboratively – with the least amount of effort, expenditure, and time.


Improve warehouse performance

We can work with you to develop custom warehouse management software solutions that could handle up 90% of the workflow associated with your day-to-day operations, while integrated IoT devices enhance your productivity and eliminate human error.

Process optimisation and automation

Smooth digital transition

Our domain expertise, business analysis, consulting and product design experience allow us to design best-fit logistics software solutions for your end users, making training more time and cost-effective and providing a completely seamless customer experience.


Flex your pricing strategy

We’ll help you get the most from your demand predictions and customer interaction data. Our advanced analytics and modelling tools allow you to dynamically manage your pricing strategy and boost revenue by up to 20%, on certain routes and services.

Prescriptive analytics

Reduce your

Maximise capacity and deliver outstanding customer service with dynamic scheduling. You could save you up to 5% on fuel and delay penalties, while analytics help you define optimum routes and the most agile delivery chains.


Manage capacity efficiently

With ELEKS’ logistics and transportation management software development services, you could reduce logistical operating costs by as much as 12%, using advanced analytics to predict peaks and reactively manage assets. Reap the revenue rewards of a bespoke logistics software solution and deliver first-rate customer service.

Ensure your operational resilience

Rise to industry challenges, and accommodate any peaks and troughs in demand, leveraging digital technologies as key enablers. We offer logistics software development services that allow logistics companies to optimise their operations for efficiency, safety, and resilience using the capabilities of RPA, blockchain, IoT, Data Science and Cloud.

investment management

Make fleet operations safer

Connect and track your fleet, driver performance and equipment health, with our legislation-compliant transportation software, equipped with telematics solutions. We can help you apply smarter maintenance plans and strategies to reduce risks and improve scheduling.

Get the most from your data

We’ll help you build and manage your big data pool – in the Cloud, on-premises or hybrid – so you can analyse and predict customer demand and flex your business model to meet it.

Maximise your efficiency with an industry-leading logistics software development company

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What We Do

Process and Technology consulting

Together, we’ll define gaps in your existing operational processes, then build a robust development roadmap to help you utilise technology, streamline your operations and save money.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Our domain and Data Science expertise can help you get the most from your valuable client and IoT data. We’ll look at past and present trends using predictive analytics models, so you can match your capacity and assets to changing market demands.

Back office integration

Our logistics software solutions link systems like CRM, ERP, CMS, internal and third-party apps, to fully integrate your enterprise. Monitoring, analytics, reporting, scalability and security are taken care of, with systems communicating to build information and process flow.

Custom logistics software solutions

We analyse your requirements, invest in your vision and, occasionally, challenge it – finding the best logistics software solution for you, rather than accepting the status quo. We build a lasting technology partnership to translate your business concepts into sturdy and scalable solutions, with unmatched UX. A nearshore team of expert software engineers will develop your idea from concept to completion. Or we can buffer your existing team to provide specific skills, speed up delivery time or offer QA, at any stage of your journey.
ELEKS custom logistics solutions
Transportation management and delivery optimisation
Our custom logistics software simplifies your entire order lifecycle – from entry and fulfilment to inventory management, packing, shipping and tracking – with GPS navigation and mobile reporting capabilities. We’ll help you integrate transportation management systems and mobile apps to automate simple business processes, with reporting, controls, paperless workflows and intelligent scanning and identification features – plus real-time customer feedback upon delivery.
Fleet management and vehicle tracking software
Telematics and connected vehicles
Geospatial and navigation software
Warehouse management
Supply chain management
Route planning and optimisation
Integrated logistics
Data analytics, reporting and BI
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Technologies We Work On
Data Science/Big Data processing
Data Science/Big Data processing
Analytics and visualization
Analytics and visualization
Predictive modelling
Predictive modelling
Platforms and microservices
Platforms and microservices
Mobile and wearables
RPA and AI

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ELEKS has been involved in the development of a number of our consumer-facing websites and mobile applications that allow our customers to easily track their shipments, get the information they need as well as stay in touch with us. We've appreciated the level of ELEKS' expertise, responsiveness and attention to details.
Samer Awajan
Samer Awajan
CTO, Aramex
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The collaboration with our partner ELEKS has been a very exciting experience. We highly value the great competence and the commitment of the ELEKS team and are looking forward to further expand our collaboration.
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Frank Ehlermann
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ELEKS successfully took our business, vision and processes and built a solution to meet our future needs.  By developing eSRP, eTracks is well positioned to enable its long-term strategic vision of aligning business process and technology to meet tomorrow’s recycling challenges.
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Adam Bourke
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3% increase in fleet utilisation rate
95% accuracy of demand prediction
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We were impressed by ELEKS’ attention to detail and willingness to analyse how our business works. They consider issues from both business and technology perspective and work out a well-envisioned and carefully designed solution. We had a pretty tight timeframe of just two months for creating the first working version of the system, but ELEKS managed to rapidly build up a team and scale it efficiently, which helped us meet the deadline and successfully develop the solution further.
Peter Russmann
Managing Director at Russmann GmbH + Co, KG
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The breadth of knowledge and understanding that ELEKS has within its walls allows us to leverage that expertise to make superior deliverables for our customers. When you work with ELEKS, you are working with the top 1% of the aptitude and engineering excellence of the whole country.

sam fleming
Sam Fleming
President, Fleming-AOD

Right from the start, we really liked ELEKS’ commitment and engagement. They came to us with their best people to try to understand our context, our business idea, and developed the first prototype with us. They were very professional and very customer oriented. I think, without ELEKS it probably would not have been possible to have such a successful product in such a short period of time.

Caroline Aumeran
Caroline Aumeran
Head of Product Development, appygas

ELEKS has been involved in the development of a number of our consumer-facing websites and mobile applications that allow our customers to easily track their shipments, get the information they need as well as stay in touch with us. We’ve appreciated the level of ELEKS’ expertise, responsiveness and attention to details.

Samer Awajan
Samer Awajan
CTO, Aramex