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retail software development

Retail software development

Build a seamless customer-centric retail experience with a strong technology partner by your side.

Technology is now revolutionising the retail industry. It shapes the way customers interact with brands and offers smarter tools for businesses to boost engagement, grow customer loyalty and increase sales.

We will help your retail business to monetise on digital disruption with the capabilities of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Mobile and IoT, blockchain and more.

  • By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality
  • By that time, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen

We can help you:

Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Personalisation transforms visitors into clients, increases sales, wins loyalty and boosts retention. Our Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions will provide you with real-time analytics about shoppers’ habits and preferences to increase your conversion rate and lower cost per acquisition.

Boost sales with dynamic pricing

We will create a custom model to enable automated pricing for your retail business, based on your consumers’ behaviours and demand. With automated price setting, you can lower your operating costs and increase revenue by over 20%

Bolster the efficiency of brick-and-mortar locations

Augment your in-store services with smart retail software solutions featuring VR/AR applications, self-service kiosks, secure digital coupons, beacons and targeted real-time offers to attract more visitors to brick-and-mortar, engage customers and drive sales.

Facilitate demand prediction

We will apply Data Science and Predictive Analytics to automate demand forecasting and provide you with a powerful fault-tolerant tool to sustain profitability and minimise risks. With actionable, data-based insights at hand, you can save costs and improve delivery capacity planning.

Automate your inventory control

Estimate future inventory investments and map them on the expected sales volume to achieve maximum cost efficiency. Optimise your operational costs, reduce over-ordering and under-buying with our smart automated inventory control system powered by Data Science.

Reinforce supply chain management

ELEKS uses blockchain technology to help retailers achieve transparency, reliability, traceability, security and efficiency for their supply cycles. With production stages becoming more complex and geographically dispersed, we will help you manage all the locations, track issues and solve incidents.

Reinforce supply chain management

How we work

Retail Consulting
Legacy systems migration
Retail software development
Retail Consulting
Retail Consulting

Retail Consulting

Adopt proper technologies to make your retail business future-proof. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the retail domain, reinforced by cross-industry technical expertise to achieve maximum revenue efficiency for your business.


Legacy systems migration
Legacy systems migration

Legacy systems migration

An effective retail business environment requires both integration of world-class technology and transformation of the legacy infrastructure and process. We will make your IT ecosystem run smoothly, migrating your legacy systems to new platforms and integrating new solutions and services to give your operations speed, agility and efficiency.


Retail software development
Retail software development

Retail software development

We cover all aspects of software engineering for the retail industry, allowing you to remain focused on your business and market. Our team of software engineers will start at any stage of the software product development life-cycle to fill specific skill shortfalls, accelerate the schedule or improve quality.

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Technologies we work on

  • Data Science/Big Data processing
  • Analytics and visualisation
  • Recommender systems
  • RMS/ERP migration and integration
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile and wearables
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
Technologies  we work on

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Industry Recognition

Finalist National Outsourcing Association Awards 2016
IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100 2017
Clutch TOP IoT Developers 2016
Clutch TOP Software Development Firms 2016
Horizon Interactive Awards
The Lovie Awards
Clutch TOP IT Outsourcing Companies 2017
The Webby Awards
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