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Business Intelligence Services

Maximise the potential of your data, make smarter decisions and strategise for long-term success with ELEKS expert business intelligence services.

What you get with ELEKS' business
intelligence services


Higher quality and accuracy of data

Data accuracy and integrity are at the core of ELEKS' business intelligence services. We use robust data collection methodologies and rigorous validation processes to ensure we are working with the most reliable data from which to build your data visualisations and dashboards. So, you gain not only dependable data but also powerful tools for strategic decision-making.


Improved business decision-making

We’ll help you transform your raw data into strategic insights to enable proactive and adaptive decision-making across your entire organisation. Be it responding to market trends, optimising resource allocation or anticipating industry shifts, a custom BI solution from ELEKS will help you harness machine learning capabilities, predictive data analytics, comprehensive reports, intuitive visualisations and interactive dashboards that transform complex information into clear, actionable insights.


Operational and cost optimisation

With ELEKS' business intelligence services, you’ll get the latest BI software and tools – or modernise your existing solutions – to significantly improve your operational and cost efficiencies. Using the latest data mining techniques to tap into advanced analytics, our data science experts will help you identify the best methods for streamlining business processes, reducing costs and enabling long-term operational transformation.


Higher revenue and consistent ROI

We provide end-to-end business intelligence consulting services that help companies across diverse industries harness their data to make better decisions, so they remain cost-effective, competitive and adaptable to today's evolving business landscape. We’ll help you adopt tailored BI technology solutions powered by predictive analytics, so you can adjust your marketing and sales strategies and refine your business development approach to gain consistent ROI and revenue growth.


Powerful customer behaviour insights

With ELEKS’ custom enterprise business intelligence solutions, you’ll gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs, preferences and behaviours across different touchpoints. From there, you can develop personalised experiences, enhanced products and targeted marketing campaigns that resonate better with your target audience – boosting customer satisfaction and nurturing long-term loyalty.


Capitalise on new business opportunities

By adopting custom enterprise BI solutions from ELEKS, you can leverage sophisticated business intelligence and advanced analysis of market trends, consumer behaviour and industry landscapes to spot new opportunities. You'll be able to recognise untapped customer segments and evolving needs to capitalise on emerging business prospects and uncover areas for expansion and innovation.

Transform your data into business growth

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How we deliver our custom business intelligence solutions

Assessment, data analysis and planning

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your current data landscape, existing software systems, data sources and infrastructure. Then, our business intelligence consultants work with your stakeholders to understand the specifics of your operations, identifying your needs, objectives and requirements to ensure your future BI solution aligns with your business strategy. Our data engineers also conduct an in-depth evaluation of data quality, accessibility and relevancy, enabling us to create a tailored BI strategy and implementation roadmap that clearly outlines objectives, timelines and resource requirements.

Implementation of a custom BI solution

Following the assessment and roadmapping stage, we’re able to implement a BI solution tailored to your specific needs, encompassing BI architecture, data models, dashboards and reports. During this stage, we integrate data from different sources, create a data warehouse and perform ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to guarantee seamless data flow. And we ensure that the business intelligence solution we develop integrates with your existing infrastructure, has an intuitive, user-friendly interface and is scalable to your future needs.

Post-implementation support and training

Once the solution is deployed, our team will be on hand to support you in optimising, scaling and continuously enhancing your BI system, so you can be confident it is fully aligned with your evolving business needs. Our comprehensive business intelligence consulting service is inclusive of ongoing support, maintenance and stakeholder training, guaranteeing that you get the maximum value from your new BI capabilities. Additionally, our team can conduct workshops for your staff to familiarise them with the new BI tools and functionalities.

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Industry-specific use cases
for business intelligence

Insurance and healthcare insurance
  • Personalised treatment and patient care optimisation
  • Data-driven resource allocation and facility management
  • Data analytics for proactive equipment maintenance
  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS)
  • Drug and treatment effectiveness analysis
  • BI solutions for healthcare financial analytics
retail retail
  • Customer segmentation and personalisation
  • Business intelligence for customer journey analysis
  • Data-driven price optimisation
  • Data visualisation for store performance analytics
  • BI tools for customer segmentation and personalisation
  • Business intelligence solutions for inventory management
Media and entertainment
  • BI solutions for audience intelligence and viewership analytics
  • Business intelligence solutions for content performance analysis
  • BI dashboards for tracking advertising effectiveness
  • Business intelligence for box office performance analytics
  • Customer segmentation and targeted marketing
  • Data analytics for financial risk management
  • Credit scoring and loan risk assessment
  • Data visualisation for financial performance analysis
  • Market intelligence and investment analysis
  • Churn prediction and customer retention analytics in banking
  • BI solutions for compliance management
healthcare healthcare
  • BI solutions for underwriting and risk assessment
  • Data-driven customer segmentation and personalised offerings
  • Actuarial analysis and pricing optimisation
  • Policyholder retention and renewal analysis
  • Business analytics and market intelligence solutions
logistics logistics
  • Data-driven inventory management and demand forecasting
  • Business intelligence for route optimisation and fleet management
  • Vendor performance analysis
  • Carrier performance evaluation
  • Warehouse efficiency monitoring
  • Transportation cost analysis
  • Workforce productivity analysis using BI solutions
  • Production performance analysis and quality control monitoring
  • Inventory management and stock control
  • Data-driven customer demand forecasting
  • Energy management and sustainability
Automotive industry automotive
  • Predictive maintenance for equipment
  • Enterprise business intelligence solutions for supply chain optimisation
  • Data-driven demand forecasting and inventory management
  • Sales and marketing analytics
Application re-engineering
Oil, gas and mining
  • Energy consumption and environmental impact analysis
  • Market intelligence and trends analysis
  • Enterprise BI solutions for supply chain and logistics optimisation

Why choose ELEKS as your BI
services partner?

Desktop software
Over three decades of software
development excellence
ELEKS has a over thirty years and a proven track record in the software development industry, implementing complex data-driven enterprise projects across diverse industries and domains. This depth of experience makes us a trusted partner for delivering business intelligence services. We understand complex enterprise challenges and create sophisticated business intelligence solutions that align with the latest industry standards and technology trends.
hypothesising and testing
An expert team of data scientists and
data strategy consultants
Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled data science and data strategy specialists combines extensive knowledge of data analytics, machine learning and data visualisation with a keen business acumen and a strategic approach to data initiatives. This powerful skillset means that we can create holistic business intelligence services with tailored data strategies and robust architect solutions, customised to the unique needs of each client.

Our customer success stories

Data-Driven Digital Transformation of a Car Rental Business
3% increase in fleet utilisation rate
95% accuracy of demand prediction
View case study
We were impressed by ELEKS’ attention to detail and willingness to analyse how our business works. They consider issues from both business and technology perspective and work out a well-envisioned and carefully designed solution. We had a pretty tight timeframe of just two months for creating the first working version of the system, but ELEKS managed to rapidly build up a team and scale it efficiently, which helped us meet the deadline and successfully develop the solution further.
Peter Russmann
Managing Director at Russmann GmbH + Co, KG
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The breadth of knowledge and understanding that ELEKS has within its walls allows us to leverage that expertise to make superior deliverables for our customers. When you work with ELEKS, you are working with the top 1% of the aptitude and engineering excellence of the whole country.

sam fleming
Sam Fleming
President, Fleming-AOD

Right from the start, we really liked ELEKS’ commitment and engagement. They came to us with their best people to try to understand our context, our business idea, and developed the first prototype with us. They were very professional and very customer oriented. I think, without ELEKS it probably would not have been possible to have such a successful product in such a short period of time.

Caroline Aumeran
Caroline Aumeran
Head of Product Development, appygas

ELEKS has been involved in the development of a number of our consumer-facing websites and mobile applications that allow our customers to easily track their shipments, get the information they need as well as stay in touch with us. We’ve appreciated the level of ELEKS’ expertise, responsiveness and attention to details.

Samer Awajan
Samer Awajan
CTO, Aramex