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Estimate the budget of your software project

Estimate the cost of your software project

Answer five simple questions, and you’ll receive an instant cost estimation to help you get your project moving. Don't let cost uncertainties hold you back. Define your budget effortlessly with just a few clicks.
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Your software budgeting questions answered
What are the different pricing models/cost structures (T&M, fixed-price, dedicated team, hybrid)?

We typically use the following pricing models and cost structures for custom software development projects:

  • Fixed-price model: We provide you with a fixed-price quote for the entire project based on your specified requirements.
  • Time and material model: We charge you based on the actual time our team spends on the project and the resources used.
  • Dedicated team model: We provide you with a dedicated team of software experts, including developers, designers, QA specialists, and a project manager who’ll work on the project for a fixed duration.
  • Milestone-based model: We divide your project into several milestones and charge you upon completing each milestone.
  • Hybrid model: We can combine two or more pricing models to create a customized pricing structure that suits your needs.
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