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Doctor ELEKS

A Unique Medical Information System

Working closely with international medical institutions, ELEKS developed a medical information system intended to help clinics collect and store all patient information, including video and graphic images from diagnostic equipment, in a single electronic medical record. The system includes more than 20 subsystems allowing to edit document templates, maintain appointment schedules, analyze clinic’s activities and statistical data, integrate with various medical devices and process images. A sophisticated medical information solution successfully works in different medical clinics in Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland.


ELEKS` own product




Automate all steps of medical laboratory diagnostics: from data collection and processing to test results analysis and business process management.

Business Benefits

  • Efficient, accurate data management
  • Increase of clinic work efficiency
  • Working conditions improvement
  • Upgrading the medical services quality
  • Increase of patient processing and workflow
  • Improvement of patient care quality.


MS SQL 2008 R2/2012, WCF, Win32 Client on .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, Web client on IIS using ASP.NET 3.5


Solution Overview

Our innovative solution utilizes modern architectures taking into consideration international standards and principles of interoperability. “Doctor Eleks” was created using C# language, Microsoft® .NET 2.0 platform and HTTP information exchange protocol. The product is localized to English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Polish. Its multilingual capabilities and Internet access make it a valuable contribution to international e-Health effort.

  • Electronic Medical Record
    The core element of the system is an Electronic Medical Record that contains all the patient data, including personal information, medical examination results, laboratory tests and different medical images (X-ray, ultrasound, etc.). A unique “Tree View Templates” technology decreases the risk of medical errors in documentation while inserting the patient’s examination data.
  • Clinic Activity Analysis
    The main purpose of the Clinic Activity Analysis solution is to increase clinic’s work efficiency, improve working conditions, and upgrade the quality of medical services. The users are provided with analytical data and statistics on staff workload the most requested services, work efficiency, etc.
  • Document Template Editor
    The system simplifies document creation and formatting using built-in document template editor. Intuitive interface and “Tree View Templates” technology allow physicians to promptly and easily create documents and insert the data ensuring that all the requirements to document’s structure are met.
  • Medical Devices Integration
    This module provides facilities for integration with different types of medical devices: ultrasound imaging systems, X-ray devices, MRT and KT scans, endoscopes, ЕCG systems, electroencephalographs, laboratory analyzers.
  • Appointment Scheduling
    Developed scheduling subsystems allows to carry out individual workday planning taking into consideration physicians’ and patients’ wishes.
  • Medical Finance and Insurance
    The system is capable of managing patient’s balance within different accounts (commercial, medical insurance plans) and tariff plans (discount plans for different accounts). Real-time interactive communications module Chiba© allows medical centers to report to insurance companies or counteragents and receive their approvals via Internet or leased line.
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Tool's Advantages

  • Usability
    The system is simple, requires no special software training, contains intuitive graphical interface for inexperienced users.
  • Minimizing medical errors
    Decrease of the risk of medical errors in documentation. Keeping to the recommended sequence of the physician examination.
  • Time Effectiveness
    Quick search and retrieval of the patient’s information. Unique document workflow.
  • Customization
    Fast and easy data input using built-in document template editor.
  • Security
    High level of document security, role-based security.
  • Monitoring and Control
    Highlighting data visually in case of abnormity.
  • Interoperability
    Support of the international data exchange standards.
  • Multi language presentation layers.
    Localized to English, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish.
  • Reporting, Planning and Analysis

Scope of Services

  • Market research
  • Full software development cycle
  • Initial product design
  • Software architecture and full development cycle
  • QA and testing
  • Technical, marketing and user documentation
  • Implementation and ongoing system support
  • Future Steps
  • Additional technical and functional upgrade of the system