Medical centers

SQL Server
2008 R2


Medical Information System

“Doctor ELEKS” is a medical information system intended to help clinics collect and store all patient information so that it can be accessible for various medical institutions located in different geographic regions. An innovative tree-view technology of document templates makes it easy to use and customize, even for inexperienced users. The system is designed solely using Microsoft technologies, according to international standards and principles of interoperability.


Benefits for Clinics

  • Higher quality of patient examination
  • Easy procedure for billing services 
  • Materials inventory accountability and reduction
  • Centralized and structured medical data storage using electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Augment clinic’s overall efficiency

Benefits for Physician

  • Quick search and retrieval of the patient information
  • Reduction of time for the physician’s examination, due to the “smart document workflow”
  • Inter-operation with medical devices: video and image saving, editing, and processing
  • Visual highlights and tips when test results considerably deviate from the norm
  • Availability of all essential medical documents

Benefits for Directors

  • Harmonious cooperation between the clinical and business aspects of your business;
  • Optimized medical treatment processing and a higher level of patient care;
  • Easy web-access for scheduling and documentation when and where it is needed;
  • Financial control and monitoring of the clinic’s expenses and profit which helps to make timely, strategic financial decisions

“Doctor ELEKS” Modules



  • Centralized data storage
  • Easy patient appointment scheduling
  • Access to essential patient information concerning appointments, services, and payments
  • Quick response to patient phone calls
  • Control of clinic’s service
  • Adjustable schedule view and correction
  • Personnel scheduling and record keeping (vacations, illnesses, holidays, etc.)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • Centralized storage of all relevant patient information
  • Easy data input using “Tree View Templates” technology
  • Quick access to patient medical history and examination results


Document Audit

  • Flexible information access settings
  • Smart automation of patient examination process using Document Template Editor
  • Adapt document layouts to the requirements of a particular physician or clinic


  • Inter-operation with laboratory analyzers
  • Automation of data collection process as well as processing and analysis
  • Visual tips and highlights when test results considerably deviate from the norm



  • Integration with different types of medical devices
  • Saving images and video, immediate processing using a built-in graphics editor
  • Making key frames and adding notes to the appropriate areas of the image

Reports and Finances

  • Access to essential analytical and statistical information
  • Creating reports according to the requirements of a particular clinic
  • Supervision of the accuracy of physicians’ work and correctness of examination data input


Services and Billing

  • Tree-like services list
  • Creating accounts and tariff plans, coordination with insurance companies
  • Patient payment history


  • Setting materials consumption norms
  • Generating reports about consumed materials
  • Material flow monitoring

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