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How Custom Software Can Streamline Workflow and Boost Productivit

More and more companies are turning to custom software development to meet their digitisation needs. A custom software application is a digital solution tailored to your business. Custom development presents unique business value and benefits over generic off-the-shelf variants. But for now, let’s discuss how a bespoke enterprise solution streamlines your workflows and boosts productivity.

Streamlining Workflow with Custom Software Development

A workflow is a series of repetitive processes or tasks that must be performed in a particular pattern to accomplish a business objective. Your company, depending on its business model and size, might have dozens or hundreds of individual workflows. For instance, you may have specific workflows for providing various products or services, processing information, fulfilling customer orders, onboarding new employees, and managing HR.

Streamlining a workflow means simplifying work by eliminating unnecessary tasks or improving the efficiency of business processes. Custom software integration does this through workflow automation and business process optimisation.

Once you hire a custom software development services provider, they’ll conduct a business process analysis to identify any inefficiencies, bottlenecks, friction, risks, or obstacles in your existing workflows. After thoroughly reviewing your business processes, the developer will look for automation and optimisation opportunities and incorporate them into the new software solution.

In this case, optimisation means rewiring business processes to improve speed, performance, accuracy, and efficiency. Meanwhile, automation refers to turning repetitive tasks into unmanned digital processes. Automation is a big part of business process optimisation and is mostly done using custom software development.

For example, you can automate all your inventory management workflows (ordering, storing, warehousing, shipping, etc.) using a custom-built ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual work such as sending emails, preparing invoices, and filling out order forms.

How Streamlined Workflows Boost Productivity

Streamlining workflows using custom software solutions enables you to work smart and essentially do more with less. Ultimately, more efficient workflows lead to meaningful productivity improvements in the following ways:

Saves Time

Time is a precious resource in any business. For instance, you pay employees for their time, speed to market determines brand dominance and unexpected workflow delays can result in untold monetary losses.

Any feasible time-saving technique in business is always appreciated. Custom enterprise software saves your company valuable time by speeding up business processes. With business process automation, manual tasks that would normally take days can be dealt with in mere minutes. And unlike employees, digital systems work tirelessly around the clock, meaning your workflows are not limited to conventional business hours.

Cuts Operating Costs

Streamlining workflows is not just about speeding things up; it also optimises costs. As we mentioned earlier, workflow efficiency comes down to doing more with less — less resources, inputs, and workforce. Ultimately, efficiency translates into cost savings, one of the main reasons entrepreneurs integrate customised software applications into their business models.

Here’s how custom digitisation saves you money:

  • A comprehensive enterprise solution consolidates multiple digital processes under one platform, eliminating costly redundant hardware, software, and third-party services.
  • You don’t have to pay license or subscription fees to run a bespoke application.
  • Custom software requires less maintenance than off-the-shelf alternatives.
  • Since the software is tailored to your business needs and structure, it becomes intuitive and easy to use, saving on training and helpdesk costs.
  • Custom software development is a one-off investment with long-term business value and justifiable ROI.

Frees Employees from Mundane Tasks

Did you know that, on average, employees in the UK spend over a third of their time on “work about work?” These are boring and repetitive tasks such as checking and replying to emails, waiting for feedback and approvals, searching for documents and files, making copies, and chasing co-workers for information.

Interestingly, most of these mundane, wasteful, and time-consuming tasks can be easily automated using custom-built tools. Automation not only streamlines the workflows but also frees your employees to focus on more meaningful work. Strategic custom software can recover several hours’ worth of wasted talent every day.

Improves Collaboration and Communications

Streamlined workplace systems greatly enhance communications and collaborations among team members and departments. A bespoke enterprise management solution may include useful workplace features such as instant chat, work dashboards, document sharing, and project management tools that facilitate the flow of work and information.

A centralised system creates a robust information hub and a single source of truth. It also makes it easier to track each employee’s performance, inputs, and progress. With a bird’s-eye view of the workplace, you can quickly identify and address productivity issues.

Minimises Risks

Digitising business processes reduces human involvement in workflows and, with it, a myriad of risks. For one, as long as a program is built and configured properly, it will yield consistently accurate results. That means no more data entry errors, accidental data loss, omissions, miscalculations, or missed deadlines.

Furthermore, streamlined workflows offer greater transparency and visibility into business processes and outcomes. This helps your company to meet its corporate and business obligations, such as regulatory compliance and code of conduct.

Promotes Better Decision-Making

Streamlined workflows can provide your management team with valuable insights to inform company-wide decisions. Firstly, systematic business processes are clear and easily predictable, enabling decision-makers to accurately forecast and prepare for productivity challenges and opportunities. Secondly, digitised workflows are much easier to track and tweak for optimal productivity. For instance, workflow reports will help you visualise performance trends and identify key areas for improvement.


Optimising your workflows is an effective strategy for boosting productivity. And you only need a powerful custom software solution to do so. However, not any custom software service will do; only a reputable and knowledgeable developer can build a high-performance, fully customised, and productivity-focused enterprise software application.

On that front, ELEKS has got you covered. ELEKS is your trusted IT partner for optimising workflows and boosting productivity. We offer a wide range of essential IT services, including custom software developmentcloud migrationconsultancycybersecurity advisory, and more.

Contact us to learn more about boosting efficiency and productivity with digital innovations.

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