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How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Company

The importance of mobile app development services is increasing day by day due to the existence of a predominantly engaging online audience. Many companies offer to provide mobile app development and other types of software development services, and choosing the right company can be pretty challenging.

Explore what you need to account for while choosing the right mobile app development company.


One should choose an experienced mobile app development company as you will get good quality results in either iOS or Android app development. When looking for an experienced company, you need to look into the following:

  1. Experience in the industry: Choose a company that has been developing apps over the years. They will have more knowledge than those that have been in the market for fewer years. Not only the years matter, but also their experience handling complex projects for your industry and ability to prove this with success stories and customer references.
  2. Technical know-how: The company you choose should specialise in the mobile app development you’re looking for, either iOS or Android app development or even cross-platform app development.
  3. Portfolio: Review the company’s past work to see whether they are experienced. See what their specialisation is, i.e., iOS or Android or cross-platform app development. Check for experience in your industry.
  4. Team experience: Ensure the team has experienced specialists. An experienced team will lead to a good-quality app.

Technical Know-how

Regarding mobile app development, developers must ensure that different technologies work together in said app and allow for proper user experience design. There are various components that you need to factor in terms of technical expertise in choosing the right mobile app development company for you, including:

  1. Programming languages: One can’t develop an application without the knowledge of programming languages. For instance, if you need iOS mobile app development, choose a company that is equipped with knowledge of Swift or Objective-C programming languages. On the other hand, Android app development requires knowledge of Java and Kotlin programming languages.
  2. Cloud-based services: The ability to develop your app on the cloud is helpful as it is flexible and affordable. These services include Google Cloud Platform (primarily used for Android app development) and Amazon Web Services (cross-platform app development). Ensure that your chosen company has experience working with these services if you want to develop your app on the cloud.
  3. User experience design: Choose the right company that can design the app in a way that makes the user experience smooth and enticing.
  4. Work with other apps: Mobile apps may need to integrate with other apps to utilise more features in the said app, like location, payment, and social media apps. Choose a company that is experienced to do so.


Mobile app development is only successful if there is proper communication involved. It ensures that the project is right on track. Below, we will go through what you need to be aware of in terms of communication when you want to choose the perfect company for you:

  1. Project management: The company should have a system that lets them conveniently note how well or poorly the project is going. Whenever you need it, the company should be able to show you the overview of the progress the app is making and the milestones hit, i.e., the development of icons.
  2. Ability to respond: The company should answer your queries immediately and update you on what they’re doing regarding mobile app development.
  3. Transparent communication: Make sure you choose a company that doesn’t hide information from you, especially when things go south.
  4. Collaboration when it comes to communication: A good company strives for collaboration, especially with designers, developers, and the client themselves. Everyone’s opinion is considered in the development of the mobile app.

A company that encourages good communication will ensure that mobile app development is run smoothly with problems dealt with almost immediately.


When choosing a company that fits your budget, you need to look into the following:

  1. Development prices: The experienced vendor will be able to understand your requirements, learn your needs and business processes and provide a precise estimate of a budget for your development project.
  2. Concealed prices: Some companies usually charge additional fees you might not know. A good company will give you a complete breakdown of every charge they make.
  3. Value for money: The company charges should equal the quality of production.
  4. Payment terms and conditions: You need a company whose payment terms are transparent, clear to you, and meet your needs.
  5. After-development prices: The company should also factor in the charges they incur after the mobile app development, like maintenance and update costs. A good company will negotiate the maintenance cost with you.

Post-development Support and Maintenance Services

You need to find a company offering good support and maintenance services even after the app is developed. The following are some components to factor in when it comes to post-development services:

  1. Technical Support: This can include bug fixing, safety updates, and other maintenance services. This is necessary for the smooth operation of the app and to reduce the risk of it not facing any technical issues.
  2. App updates: Your mobile app can’t just be how it was years ago; the company should try to update it, giving it a new upgrade that users can be excited about. Users should be able to easily update either in the iOS app store (for iOS app development users) or Google Play Store (for Android app development users). These updates can improve the user experience design and fix any bugs in the app.
  3. App monitoring: The mobile app development company must closely monitor the app after developing it. They need to look for potential bugs and ensure smooth sailing.
  4. Communication: If there are any issues with the app, the company needs to communicate them immediately.
  5. Service Level Agreement: This is a contract that both parties sign that includes all the after-development support and maintenance services that the company will provide.

These services are needed for the smooth operation of your app, and you need to ensure that the mobile app development company provides you with such.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mobile development app can make all the difference for your company, ensuring your business will succeed. A software development company like ELEKS will guide you through the whole process of developing a mobile application. With our unbeatable customer satisfaction record and extensive experience in custom application development services you can be sure your mobile software development project is in right hands. Get in touch with us today.

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