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How Augmented Reality Apps for Education Transform Employee Training

Organising an effective employee training is always challengingHow do you keep your trainees engaged? What’s the best way to present and explain complex processes and activities? And how do you offer office-based training for tasks that involve hands-on skills? Keep reading to see why and how a concept of augmented reality apps for education is a training game-changer.

Why augmented reality?

Broadly, augmented reality (AR) adds computer-generated perceptual information to the user’s real-world experience. This additional information is often visual, in the case of healthcare think a diagram highlighting a patient’s veins, for example. Since AR allows to combine computer-generated information with a human’s normal perception, using augmented reality apps for education, you can empower trainees to learn and create associations in ways that written and spoken language cannot.

Virtual reality is also seeing use in training environments. Virtual reality takes augmented reality a step further as it completely replaces human perception by projecting fully computer-generated images and sound, utilising a virtual reality headset.

How does augmented reality fit in with staff training?

Augmented and virtual reality tech is actively deployed in training rooms in corporations around the world. It’s part of the tremendous growth in so-called mixed reality markets, with the global mixed reality market predicted to reach $2.8 billion in size by 2023.

With respect to training, augmented reality can make easy and cost-effective what was previously prohibitively expensive or simply unachievable. Augmented reality is particularly useful where it is difficult to arrange training in live environments.

For example, where physically large machinery located in remote locations are involved, augmented or virtual reality can help bring learners closer to the real experience. Likewise, where training occurs in healthcare settings augmented reality can provide a simulation that avoids the need to train alongside real patients at all times.

That said, augmented reality can aid existing, proven training techniques too. Because augmented reality involves learners “pulling” content through their actions, vs. content getting “pushed”, learners are more likely to absorb training content. This increased retention increases the long-term value of training programs.

How big businesses use augmented reality apps for education

Training utilising augmented reality is no longer a topic that is just for future discussion. Companies are using augmented reality to train employees on a daily basis, including:

  • Driver safety training. Since 2017, UPS has been using virtual reality headsets to train delivery drivers. The company uses the tool to help student drivers identify and avoid road hazards while in the safety of a training centre. While UPS still engages with real-world driver training, virtual reality acts as a powerful complement.
  • Training plant personnel. Over at Honeywell employees are now receiving training via Microsoft’s HoloLens. Called the Windows Mixed Reality Headset, the device lets Honeywell employees receive training covering a wide range of industrial environments, all accessible from cloud storage, while the learner is in a convenient training location.
  • Preparing for peak sales periods. In an illustration that immersive technology is becoming increasingly accessible, Walmart is using virtual reality to help employees deal with the mad rush that is the holiday shopping period. The tool helps store staff understand how they need to manage large crowds and helps them gauge the flow of traffic through a busy store.

Where to start implementing AR for training

Though the augmented reality is no longer trapped in the future, today’s applications are novel and inventive. You need a technology partner that has experience in augmented reality and virtual reality to help you find the game-changing training applications that this new technology brings.

Interested in discovering how augmented reality can change the dynamics of your company’s employee training programme? Contact ELEKS and we will gladly look into innovative ways to apply modern day computing to your enterprise education efforts.

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