Meet the Android Version of the Wearable App for Tesla Control to Be Presented by ELEKS in London


The leading ELEKS’ experts share the insights into the concept of controlling Tesla car with a smartwatch, a newly-released Android Wear application, to be presented at a wearable tech meet-up on March 26th in London.

March 20, 2015 - Lviv, Ukraine – ELEKS is excited to announce the company launched an Android version of the application that allows controlling Tesla S, previously released for Apple Watch, with great hype among the wearable-savvy audience.

This app was created to solve business issues similar to iOS version, but, incorporating the Android philosophy, it has its own unique approach. With an innovative Watchface concept integrated, the user is able to monitor the basic car’s indicators, such as the level of charge or the mileage, without starting the application.

To share the launch of the Android demo, ELEKS Mobility & Wearables Product Manager Markiyan Matsekh and Business Development Manager Mykhaylo Hnatyev are going to attend the Chelsea Apps Talks, a local meet-up for developers and mobility enthusiasts on March 26, 2015, in London, UK.

As an invited speaker, Markiyan is going to address the company’s innovative concept of controlling a Tesla car with the help of smartwatch gadgets. Aimed to compare iOS and Android platforms, the presentation will show the limitations of each, the difference in philosophy and approaches, etc. Markiyan will share insights into the real development experience, featuring lessons learned from the recent Tesla experiments and covering the constraints, opportunities and challenges of development for smartwatches.

You are welcome to join the audience. The registration is open on the meet-up page.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet ELEKS experts and get the insights into the new innovative wearable experiences from industry insiders.

About The Event

The Chelsea Apps Talks is a meet-up for developers and technology experts organized in London on March 25th by Chelsea Apps Factory, a UK based mobile organization. The Event is based around Mobility, from software development to strategy and beyond. The aim of the talks is to provide the opportunity for experts to meet their peers from within the industry for knowledge sharing, experience exchange and networking.

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