DAKAR System

DAKAR System is an Interactive Automated Complex for power system stability analysis, REAL-TIME management of large power systems, and Load Flow Analysis. Purpose-built for comprehensive system stability analysis, DAKAR is based on mathematical algorithms, deduced from profound research experience of scientists.

Key possibilities of DAKAR System


1Power System Modelling with an Unlimited Amount of Nodes and Divided Islands:

  • Synchronous turbo generators modelling with different excitation systems
  • Wind turbine generator (asynchronous) modelling
  • Modelling of asynchronous three-phase electric engines
  • Modelling of the process of subsystems synchronizations with unlimited number of machines
  • Modelling of complex automatic for system frequency and active power stabilization
  • System automatic modelling interface

2Calculations of Physical Processes That Take Place in Power Systems:

  • Power flow calculations for unlimited number of elements in high-voltage networks with consideration of frequency change, blackouts, and automatics
  • Static and transient stability calculations with consideration for generators, emergency automatics, and weak connections of subsystems
  • Calculation and analysis of prolonged transients concerning system frequency alteration, emergency control system actions, and the reaction of heat and power equipment on the station
  • Nonsymmetrical and open-phase operating conditions by symmetrical coordinates method calculations
  • Design of any type of system protection automation by creating the logical chain of simple conditions and operations

 Graphical Scheme Modelling:

  • Support of both graphical and tabular data entry modes
  • Drawing network graphical diagrams and substation switching network diagrams representing calculations results
  • Static and transient stability analysis; analysis of long-term transients
  • Analysis of asymmetrical and single-phase conditions and calculation of short-circuit currents

 Analysis Module:

  • Adjustment of AEC, AEAO, heat and power equipment using a graphical analysis.
  • Machine AER (Automation Execution regulator) setting by the graphical method of the zone of stability construction
  • Power plant heating equipment setting by the graphical analysis of turbine and governor parameters
  • Graphical representation, graphical editor for control over emergencies, forecasting and adjustment of automatic systems
  • Test work conditions of the equipment, system automatics