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Desktop Application Testing Services

Desktop Application Testing

Roll out quality products within budget and on time, drive sales and improve customer loyalty.

Substandard software can not only undermine your reputation but also negatively impact your company’s bottom line. When you make software testing a priority, you make your finances a priority; issues found early on are less expensive to fix.

We offer a comprehensive approach to desktop application testing to help you optimise your QA costs and prepare your application for a successful launch.

Desktop application quality testing can reduce compliance challenges, and lower delivery risk.


We can help you to

Ensure smooth and stable performance

Ensure smooth and stable performance

We perform functional testing to verify whether an application operates as intended and complies with design specifications. We check core functions, boundary conditions and configuration menus to achieve maximum stability of your system.

Boost customers’ loyalty through secure products

Adhere to security standards and remove desktop software vulnerabilities with ELEKS security testing. We will protect your confidential desktop application data from malicious usage or third-party attacks.

Deliver a consistently flawless user experience

ELEKS’ QA team will verify your product’s interface with key end-to-end business scenarios, ensuring that its navigation, functionality and content display meet all your visual and usability requirements.

Ensure your software can handle high loads

When your application is reliable and can perform steadily under high loads, you automatically save on recovering it after a period of downtime. Our performance testing aims to optimise response time by increasing software productivity.

Eliminate malfunctioning during software updates

Whether an upgrade or an application modification, our experts will execute regression testing to ensure everything works correctly and check recently added code for bugs; guaranteeing a smooth transition.

Provide multiplatform coverage

Our QA team executes compatibility testing to ensure your application works seamlessly with a variety of databases, operating systems, hardware and software, allowing you to offer a flawless customer experience across a range of platforms and devices.

Provide multiplatform coverage

How we work

Determine the test scope and project requirements
Develop test cases
Track results and provide instant reports
Determine the test scope and project requirements
Determine the test scope and project requirements

Determine the test scope and project requirements

ELEKS QA engineers will analyse your technical requirements and business needs to define the test scope and evaluate potential software challenges. We will create project documentation, prepare the testing environment, and develop a comprehensive test plan based on your project specifications.

Next step

Develop test cases
Develop test cases

Develop test cases

Using collected data, our experts will create test cases and set up testing scripts. We will integrate software quality assurance processes and mechanisms into your existing development process, or we can help you build a new custom environment.

Next step

Track results and provide instant reports
Track results and provide instant reports

Track results and provide instant reports

Our engineers will monitor testing progress and provide you with in-depth summary reports. We will also perform post-release assessments to control quality assurance efficiency and ensure that your application works flawlessly and without defects.

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Desktop application testing tools we apply

  • Ranorex
  • AutoIt
  • TestComplete
  • SilkTest
  • Coded UI
  • TechSmith Morae
  • Usability Studio
  • Wireshark
  • Fiddler
  • CPU Stress
  • TestLimit
  • Consume
  • Disk Hog
  • Total Uninstall
  • SyncTest

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