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Meet the team of visionaries, talented managers, innovators, and enthusiasts – those who lead and have created a history of successful accomplishments together with their dynamic team at ELEKS.



Oleksiy, Sr. is a co-founder of ELEKS and a legend at the company. He is an expert in mathematical methods of programming, holds an Sc. D. in Power Engineering and has co-authored more than 100 scientific papers and textbooks, having dedicated 35 years of his professional life to teaching. Throughout his 15 years of managerial experience, Oleksiy, Sr. has encouraged changes in the company, leading to innovations and growth. In his current role as VP Administration, Oleksiy took charge of all the administrative operations of ELEKS.

Back in 1991, Oleksiy created a company that reflected his passion for moral values in business and ongoing excellence. Over the years, his managerial genius transformed ELEKS into one of the leading software engineering companies in Eastern Europe. Oleksiy’s versatile personality is a key to his success as a passionate and effective speaker, a respected teacher, trainer and expert in power engineering. In 2014, Oleksiy left the position of CEO and took on the role of external adviser on strategic business matters.

Management Team

A visionary leader, previously serving as Chief Operating Officer, Ruslan Zakharchenko was elected CEO in 2014, culminating a 14-year rise through the company. He is known for his proven record of success with key customer projects, top-notch technological expertise and solid managerial background. These fundamentals ensure Ruslan's present focus on driving effective innovation throughout the company and delivering outstanding customer value results, in addition to strategic management and business direction planning.

A seasoned professional manager, Sev Onyshkevych has a successful track record of 30+ years in senior positions, leading product and business development, strategy, globalization and marketing in various technology companies. As CCO, Sev spearheads ELEKS' strategy and markets globally, leading company’s marketing, communications, product marketing and management. He has a BSEE from Princeton and an MBA from Wharton.

Having joined ELEKS in 2000, Oleh has matured as a robust team builder and leader. Having strong capabilities in forming and implementing innovative and creative strategies, Oleh has managed to build successful, long-term relationships with customers constantly motivating his teams to exceed customers' expectations. As Chief Strategy Officer, Oleh is responsible for establishment of the company’s key strategic priorities and their translation into a comprehensive development plan.

Tomy Issa, a seasoned business transformation executive, has joined ELEKS as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Tomy has been working in the industry for more than 25 years. He has an extensive experience in sales, business development and marketing, building win-win strategies for global businesses including Fortune-500 companies. In this role, Tomy will be developing sales strategies and tactics, identifying valuable emerging markets and establishing new alliances and leading the ELEKS sales team.

Serhiy Kharytonov is a senior executive and technology expert with more than 15 years of experience in key managerial roles in the IT, financial, telecom and retail domains. He has significant expertise in developing enterprise-level operational and financial strategies. Serhiy’s efforts have repeatedly resulted in enhanced organizational efficiency, streamlined processes and substantial budget optimizations. Having joined ELEKS in 2015.

Yuliya Letnyanchyn has been working in IT for almost 10 years, applying her impressive experience to build effective business processes and set up competence centers. Her broad background as head of business process improvement, director of business analysis office, competency development methodologist and BA determines Yuliya’s superior ability to meet business goals and objectives.

Andrey Hankevych joined the ELEKS executive team in 2013 to help structure and broaden the company’s scope and capabilities globally. A Manhattan College graduate with a BEE in Computer Engineering and 3 decades of experience in the global IT industry, he starts new software engineering and consulting projects annually in various market spaces. His reputation as an outstanding manager, combined with prominent speaking and coaching skills, make Andrey a most welcomed guest at international IT and business events.

A seasoned legal expert and a Master of Law (LLM) graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, IIT in Chicago, in the U.S., Andriy Krupa has been with ELEKS over ten years, first as Senior Legal Counsel, later as Head of the Legal Department and General Counsel, overseeing the legal aspects of the business. In his role of Chief Compliance Officer, Andriy is in charge of all the company’s administrative and legal matters.

Henry Martinez has a diverse experience in IT, successfully launching high-tech start-ups, establishing domestic and international manufacturing operations as well as implementing technology alliances and transfers. Mr. Martinez holds UCLA BSEE degree with graduate studies in Computer Science and has participated in Executive Management programs at Stanford University and the California Institute of Technology. As SVP of Sales Engineering at ELEKS, Henry Martinez will drive company’s sales efforts in North America.

Peter Rothschild has wide experience in retailing with many years in senior management of companies in the fashion industry. He brings to business development a founder’s knowledge of startups covering size & fit technology, preference research, and online wine information. With a Pre-Med degree from Oberlin College and an M.B.A from Columbia University, he is a serial innovator using creativity and vision to help solve clients’ problems.

An accomplished executive and seasoned expert in financial management, Kostyantyn has 15 years of professional experience reinforced by fundamental accounting and financing knowledge. With Ph.D. in Economics and practical training experience in finance management and tax consulting, he has been Associate Professor of accounting and finance management for almost a decade. As VP Finance, Kostyantyn is now focused on development of strategy and operating objectives of the company’s financial activity.

Upon joining ELEKS in 1995, Petro managed numerous key projects in banking, accounting, trading, retail, office automation, transportation, and other industries. In his most recent role of Business Development Director Petro is responsible for enhancement and distribution of ELEKS’ innovative product for healthcare, Doctor ELEKS Medical Information System, and e-government initiatives.

Volodymyr has led strategic development initiatives since the early days of the company, combining his software engineering background with strong business acumen and technology expertise. Enthusiastic about technology and the new possibilities it presents, Volodymyr leverages international exposure and experience from the global corporate environment to embrace a strategic viewpoint and drive the company forward.

A qualified developer with more than 16 years of hands-on software engineering experience; a professional project manager with over 12 years of experience in Entertainment, Finance, SME, and E-Government automation; a wise co-owner, a farsighted strategist, and simply put, a genius, Roman is well-known far beyond ELEKS.

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