ELEKS at International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis


There are many problems in the world that cannot be solved easily. To do that, we need not only extensive knowledge, but also a lot of computing power. For more than fifty years, it has been provided via mighty Supercomputers – extremely powerful machines with an enormous processing capacity. It is this and high performance computing in general that will shape mankind’s future.

This November, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA will become the center for the world’s high performance computing. An annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis will take place November 10-16, 2012. The Conference is an international forum that gathers together the most powerful hardware and software manufacturers as well as academics. It is a must-attend event for everyone who is interested in HPC.

Parallel computing allows for faster and cheaper performance of complex tasks which were previously expensive and lengthy. Supercomputing is a trend that is gaining momentum every year. That is why ELEKS is going to attend SC12: to appreciate modern trends in HPC, understand where the technology is going and where it will be tomorrow, and see how it will benefit ELEKS’ customers.

“We want to become a part of the booming new industry, make high-quality, powerful software, and change the world,” says Roman Pavlyuk and Oleh Khoma, the devoted team members of ELEKS’ R&D, who will visit SC12 to gain new insight into HPC and meet fellow practitioners.

ELEKS is a global organization delivering innovative software solutions, localization and testing services for diverse industries: finance and banking, insurance, government, healthcare to name a few. Moreover, ELEKS is constantly expanding into new industries, such as geology and geophysics, oil and gas, life sciences, etc. This year, ELEKS also sponsored the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in California, USA. As the head of the HPC unit, Oleh Khoma held a speech and this presentation can be found here. We strongly believe that the future is in supercomputing.

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