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Elevate your customer’s experience while maintaining high-level quality with our ISTQB-certified experts. Specializing in QA & Testing for desktop, web, and mobile, ELEKS has successfully delivered multiple testing projects over the past 20 years.

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Security Testing

Your system cannot do well with a poor resistance to potential security breaches. ELEKS security experts ensure mission-critical solution security, uncovering all the vulnerabilities that can negatively affect your product’s reputation.

Holistic Security Strategy - Gaining Ultimate Efficiency

We apply the latest methodologies to effectively opt for the appropriate testing strategy while adjusting to your requirements.

  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)
  • Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification (WASC-TC)
Our testing process
Business requirements analysis Test planning Target scoping Info gathering Target discovery Target exploitation Metrics collection Documenting & Reporting Threat consulting

Security and Vulnerability Assessment- Comprehensive Security Assurance

We will identify and structure vulnerabilities that are additionally provided with guidance for their countermeasures. A system’s performance will be measured against a list of defined criteria.

With the result-oriented approach, our QA team practises blending diverse tests types to verify all-round security coverage.

Client-server interaction assessment

Your application will be inspected for security resilience in terms of secure transaction flow and backdoor absence.

Application process tampering diagnosis

We will conduct an investigation to ensure the rules for wedging into and adjusting the application process.

Files and settings access evaluation

Your system will be checked as to how well its files and setting access are secured.

SQL injection defense analysis

We will estimate the possibilities to breach access routines of your database.

Session authentication handling

System flaws in leading active sessions and handling the user’s authentication will be determined.

Cross-site request forging control

We will indicate CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities to strongly protect your users from personal data leakage.

Path traversal simulation attacks management

We will help you keep access restriction to the server’s file system directory under control.

Environment misconfiguration checks

Your application will be tested for the proper environment setting due to configuration accuracy and the necessity for updates.

Domains in Which We Operate

Desktop applications
Web applications
Client-server applications
Network infrastructure

Advanced Technologies and Tools Used for In-depth Security Checks


Functional Testing

Security Solution

For years, ELEKS has provided software functional testing services for some of the largest software companies in the world.


Ensuring Endpoint Protection for Security Software

The razor sharp focus of most security product vendors is based on the protection of sensitive customer data. Learn how ELEKS has been handling this over the years.

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