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3 Reasons Why AI-powered Customer Service is the Next Big Thing

Artificial intelligence in customer service is no longer just a science-fiction fantasy — technology like machine learning (ML) has made it a reality. It’s reshaping everything from how we run our households and how we send emails and even to how we plan to order tonight’s dinner.

AI has allowed for the creation of “Chatbots,” automated bots that handle customer inquiries like any other customer service representative. They’re making a big splash: Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 85% of consumers’ interactions with businesses will be automated. With attributes that make them just as capable (in some ways, even more so) than human representatives, it’s no surprise chatbots are reshaping the customer service industry.

1. Chatbots Learn Quickly

Typically, customer service chatbots have answered questions based on keywords found in the customer inquiries. However, much like with Alexa or Siri, these systems were unable to ascertain the context and ended up giving a wrong answer.

Newer AI technology leverages ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) not only to pick out keywords from an inquiry but also to derive meaning based on the context of the sentence. These chatbots learn and adapt, and with each question they answer, they become that much quicker at solving problems increasing efficiency across the board.

2. They’re Always Available

Humans have to sleep, but chatbots are always on. Using chatbots alongside your awesome human team allows you to extend your company’s chat coverage to a full 24/7.
Despite a fear among some that chatbots will completely replace humans, instead, they can work in tandem. Humans can cover the lines during normal business hours, then when they shut down and go home for the evening, bots can take over.

3. Bots Never Get Frustrated

No matter how amazing your team of customer service reps is, they all have bad days from time to time. They all get frustrated. After all, they’re only human. A sophisticated AI might actually become a perfect representative. Bots never get frustrated, never have a bad day, and never, ever, accidentally say the wrong thing in front of a customer.

Customers want quick answers to their problems and easy solutions to their problems and CXOs are aware that they’re open to the use of new tech if it improves their overall experience. If the bots are leveraged correctly, Business2Community estimates that they can “increase the accuracy of correct responses and interpretation of the requests up to 90%,” creating cost-effective solutions and competitive advantages.

Chatbots are transforming businesses and giving business owners competitive advantages. ELEKS’ team can provide you with in-depth consulting and hands-on expertise to help your business get ahead of the curve with the latest technology. Get in touch to learn more.


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