Celebrating ELEKS 22nd Anniversary


July 4 – ELEKS is happy to share the news that the company is celebrating its 22nd anniversary on July 5th. Despite the long-standing tradition of celebrating the company day during the winter, this year we decided to take advantage of the hot summer season.

ELEKS has a lot to celebrate!

We grew to 800 people and opened a new representative office in London. A brand-new website was launched and received an international recognition from the Horizon Interactive Awards. ELEKS’ Localization division developed a new product for localization needs and made it to the rating of Top 20 Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe. The ELEKS R&D strengthened its CUDA/HPC expertise. Our HPC experts became frequent speakers at many the High Performance Computing conferences, including the HPCFinance Conference in Finland. Moreover, we launched digital media production as a new strategic direction at ELEKS.

“For a number of consecutive years our team has proven that it can tackle tasks of any complexity to achieve the set goals. Passing the “legal age” of 21, ELEKS has demonstrated its maturity and readiness to meet even bigger goals and solve more challenging tasks in order to help our reputable clients win in the global market. I am extremely proud of our successes and look forward to new accomplishments”, says Alex Skrypnyk, founder and CEO.


ELEKS (ELEKS.com) is a global organization delivering software development, localization and testing services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe. ELEKS specializes in software solutions for Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare sectors. Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

For more information about ELEKS, please visit www.eleks.com.

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