Meet ELEKS at an Open Discussion "What Does the Child Desire? IT Industry in the Children’s Book Market"


May 24, 2013, 15:30 – ELEKS’ representatives Volodymyr Bryskin and Tetiana Iukhtymovska will lead an open discussion Expectations from electronic interactive books and e-learning technologies for children. The event will be held in the Festsaal of the Saarbrücken castle in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Volodymyr and Tetiana, together with publishers, representatives of educational institutions, libraries and enterprises which work for children and parents will concentrate on e-books as an innovative reading experience for the digital generation. We will raise the following questions: what should an interactive children’s book look like, what should continuing education look like and how to turn electronic devices such as tablets, computers and smartphones from potentially dangerous instruments into helpful ones, which motivate children to learn due to the rich graphics, animation, sounds and kinesthetic effects. Also, our representatives will discuss other aspects such as platforms for sale on the Internet and the sale of interactive books.

ELEKS’ representatives will lead the discussion not only from the professional but also from the parental point of view.

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