ELEKS and CourseYard to Exhibit in Hot Spot Education at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015


Global provider of software product development accompanies its partner CourseYard GmbH to present the innovative e-publishing solution AUTORIA, developed by ELEKS, at the world's largest trade fair for book publishers, authors and multimedia companies

October 8, 2015 – Lviv, Ukraine – ELEKS joins its long-time partner CourseYard GmbH to present the state-of-the-art e-publishing solution AUTORIA at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 in Frankfurt am Main on October 14-18. The event is a hallmark for global activities in the field of culture, gathering world’s leading publishers, booksellers, agents and authors to share their professional discoveries and establish connections with the markets worldwide.

Listed among the exhibitors of the event, ELEKS and CourseYard will showcase a web-based platform for authoring, publishing and distributing e-books and other interactive materials. This new product, Autoria, offers a lot of innovative facilities, including the opportunity to analyze reading activities.

An exceptionally complex product, AUTORIA is currently designed to provide a collaborative environment for publishers, corporates, educators etc. to develop ebooks, all kind of interactive information materials up to courseware and either sell it to the mass market or deliver within a limited group of corporate users. The products created within AUTORIA can be published for different kinds of devices and screen dimensions, enabling users to read, inform and learn anywhere and anytime, without programming and coding. Publishers can also benefit from the platform's internal marketplace for re-using content objects built by other providers, i.e. image stock, 3D models, simulation labs or quizzes. A special focus will be on educational applications, where AUTORIA will offer additional features like analysis of learning paths and behavior.

As an acknowledged technological partner and the full-cycle developer of the CourseYard startup, ELEKS attends the Frankfurt Book Fair to collect user feedback and get insights on further enhancement of the solution. “ELEKS is an invaluable development partner with its longtime experience and profound knowledge of global leading edge IT innovations” says Volodymyr Bryskin, founder and Managing Partner of CourseYard. And his colleague Harald Melcher adds: ”Together we will be able to offer an in depth demonstration of AUTORIA during the fair, explain and show the wide variety of use cases and collect initial precious feedback from our potential customers concerning the future development of the solution.”

Register for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 to meet us in Hall 4.2 B93!

About CourseYard
CourseYard creates and develops innovative services for publishers, educational institutions, corporate publishing and learning and libraries. They offer transparent, scalable product development and design services to a diverse range of clients, from public companies to innovative startups. Headquartered in Stuttgart since 2015, they serve clients in delivering better value through innovation.

About the Event
Meeting place for top industry’s experts from all over the world. It is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licence business worldwide. The event is an excellent opportunity to grow businesses, expand networks, grow professional skills and make new discoveries.

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ELEKS is a strategic partner with the proven ability to address our customers' most pressing needs. Our delivery organization, consisting of approximately 900 professionals in Eastern Europe, is strengthened by a local presence in the U.S., Europe and the UK.

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