ELEKS' Mobile Experts Talk about Their Impressions on the BYOD Conference in London


ELEKS’ delegates at the London Enterprise Mobility Conference Markiyan Matsekh and Ostap Andrusiv returned from the BYOD event full of excitement to conquer new digital frontiers. We asked them to share their observations, conclusions and future plans.

Markiyan: The leitmotif of the conference was Google Glass: how can it be used as an enterprise technology? I delivered a speech on Google Glass as a consumer device in enterprise world and I must say the audience was amused: the topic was fresh, moreover, cutting-edge ELEKS Google Glass Experiment added spice to the speech. They were responsive and asked tough questions. Among the listeners were representatives of various business spheres: logistics, banking, telecommunications, digital production, finance; and many others who were interested in the solution we provided.

Ostap: We also met all London Google Glass holders, explored other devices and shared views on how mobile industry should evolve. We could clearly see that our solutions are of the same level as the ones produced by leading international companies; we are not lagging behind and we certainly have things to offer.

Markiyan: After the conference we attended several meet-ups, among them the London Enterprise Technology Meet-Up and the Heads Up London – Wearable Technology Forum.

Ostap: As far as the Android expertise is concerned, what we saw at the conference was mainly what we have already been using. This only proves that we are in the know regarding the latest mobile trends and solutions we provide keep up with the global rate.

Markiyan: Now we are sure more than ever that what we do is trendy and we are doing it right and that the perspective of the client who followed the conference will result in new exciting projects.

About the Event
Enterprise Mobility: BYOD is the largest conference in Europe dedicated to mobile devices and software. Taking place in London, it is an event during which people from around the world can interact and share ideas about the future of the mobile industry. In 2 jam-packed days of the conference, attendees learn more about mobile enterprise development through end-user analysis, roundtables and live product demos.

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