ELEKS Website Creation Insiders' Stories: Marketing Team


We continue the series of insiders’ stories from the different teams involved in the creation of the award- winning ELEKS’ website. This time the marketing team shares their story from the perspective of the product owner.

Maryna Babich, Marketing Director and product owner
Maryna is the visionary and the concept creator of the website.

Well, my team calls me the visionary of the project. I am not sure whether the name suits my true role. In fact, I was the one who drove the process of the old ELEKS’ website redesign. I managed the meetings where we generated the ideas of the clear concept, which you enjoy now. When the product’s business logic was concise, I created the concept which lately has been put into the brave, bright design together with modern, user-friendly HTML5/ CSS3 coding and animation. I think my role’s exact name is more like the inspiring product owner rather than all the others. Although… visionary sounds more flattering! This project was full of challenges, enough to write a book about. But the real one was to create the conditions for a self-motivated team and to manage the creative process without killing it. My secret ingredient is respect. This is the ultimate solution for each managerial challenge. Hear your business, think about your user, listen to your team, trust yourself and respect the talents of each other – this is how it works and pays off a big deal! I believe that along with the clear, structured website and much better usability, our customers have the possibility to communicate with us in a much better way. 

Lyuba Lazarenko, Sr. Marketing Manager and the project Copywriter
Lyuba was involved in the project since its inception by helping develop the structure of the website, navigation, and content writing.

This is my second experience with developing a corporate website. My contribution to this project was helping develop the website’s structure, specifically for Localization and QA sub-sites and writing the biggest chunk of the content. These tasks required a lot communication with the various knowledge holders and internal teams. In the era of digital marketing, content is the key element to successful communication with the customers; therefore, writing quality content was the main challenge. However, my vast experience in creating marketing texts and my colleagues’ support helped me out a lot. This award means a lot to everyone in the team, and I am very proud to be a part of this mutual success.

Irene Mazepa, Marketing Specialist
Irene contributed to the website content creation, specifically writing the case studies.

I joined the team at a stage of filling the website with the large amount of the content for case studies that described the company’s technological expertise. This task required not only the ability to write about complex technological issues comprehensively but also a good designer’s insight to represent data visually attractive while keeping up with the website’s style. There were many challenges but due to our enthusiastic atmosphere I didn’t notice them. Our dedicated team was simply going for our goal and I am extremely happy we succeeded.

Lidiya Kharchenko, Marketing Specialist
Lidiya was involved in the project by helping fill the website with the content and working with the web team on graphics.

I joined the team during the website content creation. I was very excited to start working with such a creative and enthusiastic team. The main challenge for me was entering smoothly into the very complex project, learning its specifics and keeping up with its fast pace. The team’s tremendous support and enthusiasm inspired me to contribute my energy and skills to this project, and the result is the product of innovative thinking and great team work. I’m happy that our website is honored with the international awards. It is the best encouragement for future projects.

Anna Ulyanova, Engagement Manager
Anna was involved in the website creation from the very first day.

I was fully engaged in the website creation process, starting from the moment when the idea was outlined on a whiteboard. The outline has been constantly improving because we wanted to make the user experience as simple as possible. Also, I was responsible for managing the launch of an alpha-version of the website. At that moment we had developed all the core elements and content, but we needed to gather important feedback and comments of the people from our R&D, software development and localization departments. What helped us to release such a cool website is each team member’s passion about the product and willingness to communicate, share and implement the ideas. I can say for sure that the guys at ELEKS can make an award-winning product and this international recognition is the proof of it.

Lena Patsevych, the Designer
Lena created the large part of the graphics and pictures for the website from scratch.

I started to work on the project since my first day at ELEKS. It was the first and the largest project so far in the company that required my total involvement and concentration. The most challenging was the final stage of the development which consisted of working on lots of graphic details, layouts and photographs. As a main contribution I consider the work done with photos of the company management, R&D team and events. Working with the team on such a creative project has become a truly amazing experience for me. The awards that it earned also make me proud of what I do.

Victoria Bezsmolna, Technical Writer
Victoria contributed mainly as a content proofreader and writer of the case studies.

I was involved in the final stage of this project when the team needed additional help with the proofreading and content filling. However, when working on the website, I felt like I was a part of a big rebirth project. I proofread the content of every web page several times to ensure it was flawless. The case studies are the main proof of the company’s expertise; therefore, I worked thoroughly on every sentence and every picture presented in the cases. Moreover, I wrote articles about ELEKS’ achievements and the upcoming events, letting people know how we’ve grown. This was a great time and s memorable experience for me.

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