Insight into ELEKS Google Glass™ Experiment


The time has come to lay our cards on the table and let you in on the astonishing ELEKS Google Glass™ Experiment. The creators of this award-winning digital project Markiyan Matsekh, Ostap Andrusiv, Oleh Gasioshyn and Olena Zanichkovska shared their thoughts on the project, its mission and the future.

What was your role in creating the Google Glass Experiment?

Markiyan: I was the author of the idea to use Google Glass in our software development business. As I unveiled the concept to the representatives of the UI/UX and Android teams, I saw their eyes light up. That’s when the Google Glass Experiment started. The guys took over the initiative while I helped them follow the technological and business goals of the Experiment. And in November, I was already a speaker at the Enterprise Mobility BYOD conference, presenting our proof of concept.

Ostap: My task was to explore the capabilities of Google Glass from the technical point of view. I investigated Mirror API, Glass Development Kit (GDK) and the functions of applications built into Google Glass. Additionally, I was working on a proof of concept of the client that could be used as a basis for a full-fledged sports gaming platform we are planning to develop.

Oleh: I combined several roles in the Experiment: I was the product owner, producer, art director and designer simultaneously. When we agreed on using Google Glass for sports, my task was to gather all the brainstormed ideas into the concept. I was also involved in designing the web promo for the Experiment.

Olena: My contribution to the project lied in strategy development and sponsorship. It was my task to design the strategy of the ELEKS Google Glass Experiment as a complex digital project. I also provided strategic mentoring throughout the entire project life cycle.

When working on the Experiment, what was the most challenging task for you?

Markiyan: It was really hard to choose an idea that would match most business branches of ELEKS and represent our innovative and creative vision. After long discussions we agreed on the idea of the EGGE. It matched both of the hottest branches worldwide – digital production and enterprise mobility and allowed us to apply newest technology to the business problems we solve.

Ostap: Working without the Glass itself – that was challenging. Limited access to the device for testing purposes and the lack of emulators on early stages forced us to look for alternatives. What we did was install the Google Glass environment on the Nexus 7 tablet. This allowed us to research Mirror API and the buds of GDK without the actual Google Glass. However, once we have obtained a real device, everything appeared to be even more intriguing.

Oleh: Since the Web Speech API technology is not quite widespread, we’ve had some difficulties working with it. Basically, the entire development process was a challenge, but we overcame all the obstacles and the result was even better than we expected. Now, taking up complicated tasks with the newest technological requirements and exciting web promo projects is a piece of cake for us.

Olena: I found it challenging to bring together and systemize all the miscellaneous components of the project. You see, in a team where each person is responsible for a different aspect – application development, design, case study preparation, it was important to coordinate people and streamline their efforts into a single direction.

What are your expectations for the Experiment?

Markiyan: I expect to attract the attention of top brands, enhance the image of ELEKS in the market, demonstrate how innovative we are, extend cooperation with our existing clients by applying wearable technologies to their businesses, excite the curiosity of our employees and attract the potential ones.

Ostap: I hope that in the future the Google Glass Experiment will help people see how technology can illuminate their everyday routine. It will allow experience Google Glass for those people who don’t own the device. And those who possess Google Glass will be able to imagine how cool Google Glass experience will be in the future.

Oleh: With the Google Glass Experiment, we showed that ELEKS is a powerful company capable of solving complicated tasks with massive ideas in areas from enterprise to digital advertising. Thus, we are expecting to increase the share of digital production among the services ELEKS provides.

Olena: I want this project to become a turning point in ELEKS’ digital development expertise. And I strongly believe that ELEKS Google Glass Experiment will establish our company as a thought leader in the areas of mobile technology and wearable devices.

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